AXA Sigorta to broadcast customer reviews without filtering

As a first in Turkey, AXA Sigorta has decided to broadcast the opinions and reviews of its customers regarding their products and services on its corporate website without any filtering. As a part of this new practice, customer reviews are evaluated by eKomi, one of the best independent customer review institutions, and are reflected on AXA Sigorta’s corporate website through a transparent, impartial and reliable process. Therefore, everyone who thinks of becoming an AXA Sigorta customer can visit to read customer reviews one by one, and see the company’s current customer rating which is calculated over 5, based on the customer feedbacks. 


Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and Executive Committee Member at AXA Sigorta, Özer Şimşek stated that they would continue to take innovative steps as a pioneer in Turkish insurance market, and that AXA Sigorta got the inspiration of the recent transparent customer review practice from their customers. Underlining that the digital transformation that is experienced by the whole world impacts customer behaviors as well, Özer Şimşek said: “Recent researches indicate that people increasingly consider the opinions and behaviors of their peer consumer groups before buying a product or service. Setting off from this reality, we have decided to let our customers reach those opinions in an easier, more transparent and reliable way. This practice is the first of its kind in Turkey, and we believe that accumulation and evaluation of those reviews by an independent company is a reflection of our trust in our products and services. In addition to making the life easier for new customers, we believe this new practice is important for improving the experiences of existing customers. AXA Sigorta will continue its activities in its current customer-oriented approach.”

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