Full support to parents and parents-to-be from MAPFRE Sigorta

MAPFRE Sigorta supports mothers, fathers and mothers-to-be and their position in the business world through special HR policies. MAPFRE Sigorta creates these policies and practices setting off from the belief that being a parent should not prevent people from realizing their career plans.


Mothers and mothers-to-be are very lucky in MAPFRE

One of those practices is the 18-hour “Support Program for Childbirth and Preparation for the Baby” that aims to ensure that the employees are more conscious during their pregnancies and make better choices regarding childbirth. This new practice was initiated as a part of MAPFRE’s Healthy Living Program, in order to support MAPFRE employees during one of the most important phase of their lives, and ensuring that they can access any theoretical and practical knowledge they might need during that phase. The Support Program is organized in İstanbul, all expenses covered by MAPFRE; and all employees can attend with their spouses. Employees working outside of İstanbul can contact the Head Office for similar programs of their choosing.


The new Mother Coaching Program provides coaching support for mothers who have just returned from maternity leave or mothers who have children between 0 and 4. Initiated with the aim of making it easier for new mothers to readapt to working environment and preserve the balance of business life and private life, the coaching support consists of 4 sessions and is provided by a professional parent coach.

MAPFRE also provides kindergarten support for female employees who have children between 0 and 66 months old.

 MAPFRE Sigorta offers special parent incentives

MAPFRE Sigorta does not limit its support with mothers and mothers-to-be; but encompasses all employees who are parents. The company has a Mothers’ and Fathers’ School for employees who have children of any ages, and organizes seminars regarding the points of parenthood that look simple but are truly most challenging. The company also gives time off during the “first day of school” for parents whose children attend to kindergarten, primary class and secondary class.



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