Road assistance support from Tur Assist to the users of BenzinLitre application


Tur Assist has now added BenzinLitre among the brands that it has been collaborating with. Tur Assist has recently entered into an agreement with Brain Minds Teknoloji A.Ş, the first artificial intelligence company of Turkey, for its mobile application called BenzinLitre. According to the agreement, Tur Assist will provide road assistance services to the users of BenzinLitre application.


Creating a difference with its services that merge the experience in the assistance industry for over 20 years since 1996 with the power of its brand in Turkey, Tur Assist maintains its position as the number one choice of many companies for its assistance services. Offering creative assistance solutions with its differentiated products and services that contribute to the development and profitability of its business partners in many different industries; primarily insurance, automotive, finance and travel, Tur Assist has added BenzinLitre to the brands that it has been collaborating with. Under the agreement, the users of the application can use the emergency road assistance services of Tur Assist via the application with a 5% discount.


Access to the “Road Assistance Service” is one click away


Downloadable from both App Store and Google Play Store free of charge, BenzinLitre lists the gas stations nearest to your location. The application lists the lowest gas, diesel and LPG prices and indicates the fuel prices at certain gas stations. The user can also have access to the working hours and the features such as market, restaurant, WC, etc. facilities of a particular gas station. By clicking “Tur Assist Road Assistance Button”, the users can use the road assistance services of Tur Assist, such as car towing and rescue, at advantageous prices.


In addition, the users of the application can also easily purchase the Second-Hand Car Warranty of Tur Assist under the “campaigns” tab of the application, which guarantees any eligible car after the expiry of manufacturer’s warranty against mechanical and electrical failures and breakdowns under a variety of covers.

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