AXA is once again in Bloomberg Gender Equality Index



At a global level, AXA is included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI), thanks to the progress made in the gender equality commitments.

As the world’s leading insurance company, AXA is included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) with its efforts in gender equality. Assessed for different criteria including female leadership and talent line, equality of wages and equality of wages among genders, comprehensive corporate culture, sexual harassment policies and brand identity supporting women; AXA has been included the index for the fourth time this year. The Bloomberg Gender Equality Index assesses the performance of 380 public companies operating in 40 different sectors across the world with commitments on gender equality.

Yavuz Ölken, CEO of AXA Sigorta, stated that AXA Sigorta was dedicated to their commitments in gender equality. “Women account for 54% of AXA’s global workforce which works towards adding value to our business and acting for human progress by protecting what matters. Empowerment of women is not a new item in our agenda. AXA Sigorta has been working on initiatives that will add value to the lives of women, both inside and outside our company. We have proven how committed we are by signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles of United Nations. We will keep acting on those commitments and continue to inspire the business world with our projects.”

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