Ray Sigorta’s Digital Approach to Extend Country Borders


Adopting a business model that offers new and innovative solutions, Ray Sigorta is launching a digital transformation project to support the digital capacities of its business partners and increase customer satisfaction. The company will get financial support from its main stakeholder Vienna Insurance Group for this project, and will provide leadership in expanding the competencies gained during its execution  in other VIG companies around the world.
Digital transformation is one of the most critical processes for insurance companies, if they want to address the changing customer requirements. During the pandemic outbreak, insurers and policyholders have better understood the importance of advantages gained by companies that have increased their digital capacity and were ready for changes. Before the pandemic broke out, Ray Sigorta was one of those companies that had caught up with the digital agenda, already established its digital transformation vision, started to work towards achieving this goal and begun carrying out projects that would add values to its business partners and customers.
Koray Erdoğan, General Manager of Ray Sigorta, states that digitalization had largely been occupying their agenda before the COVID-19 outbreak. “Ray Sigorta has always prioritized finding solutions for the changing needs of our customers and improving the business processes of our agents, as they are most important contact point between our company and our customers. This directly encourages us to develop new projects and constantly invest in the better solution. Following the pandemic outbreak, we have seen how right we were to have invested in digitalization,” he says. Koray Erdoğan also says that insurance market could not be as efficient as banks in terms of its digital transformation, and underlines that insurance companies should rapidly close that gap through investments that will offer the best experience for their customers and business partners. “Companies that can catch up with the dynamics of the digital world and read the scenario well will win during the new normal. As Ray Sigorta, we have long been focusing on simplifying the lives of our agents, and by extension, our customers, being closer to them and giving them the best experience that will ensure their satisfaction,” he adds.

Needs of agents and customers are always the priority

Even though every company focuses on digitalization, it is important to reconsider the traditional business models and design proper strategies for companies to make a difference in transformation. As a company that adopts the motto of “growing with agents”, Ray Sigorta has created a structure that will increase digital competencies while supporting agents as their closest business partners. Koray Erdoğan says, “We have a strategy that aims to enrich and transform conventional experiences with digital technologies. We have planned a modern structure that will support and create value for all business partners and customers.”

Erdoğan details their digital transformation efforts as follows: “As Ray Sigorta, we are working on a project that will address the requirements of our agents on a single platform. In this scope, we have renewed our agency portal. We are working nonstop on mobile applications both for agents and customers. We are developing an infrastructure that will allow our business partners to easily integrate Ray Sigorta services into their own platforms, which will make a huge contribution to the digital transformation of our ecosystem. We are completely renewing our website for our customers. All these projects target the best user experience. We aim to simplify access to our services, focus on functionality, and increase satisfaction through a new aesthetic design that will help users navigate easily. We also aim to save time with faster transaction processes though our rapid infrastructure.”

We aim to increase the digital capabilities of our agents

Koray Erdoğan underlines how important it is for their agents to adapt to this digital transformation as their strategic business partners. “We are constantly discussing how important it is for our agents to adapt to this digital transformation. However, it is not possible for every agent to finance its own digital transformation. I believe that insurance companies have a great role to play at this point. We are aware of our responsibilities on this front, and will soon have surprises for our agents.”

An important step for the insurance market


Koray Erdoğan underlines that they have already come a long way in technological and digital transformation, and adds that, as a next step, they will export their know-how in digitalization and technology to other countries. “Our shareholder VIG operates in 30 countries via 50 different companies. We are proud of the fact that a large part of our projects at Ray Sigorta are financed by our Group, and the outputs of our digital transformation project will act as a basis for the digital transformation of other group companies. This also indicates that our Group trusts in our country and our company.”

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