MetLife Turkey maintains its 2nd position with a premium volume of 363 million TL in life and personal accident lines


As a leading financial services company that serves nearly 100 million customers in insurance, annuities, employee fringe benefits and asset management areas via its affiliates and subsidiaries around the world with the aim of helping retail and corporate customers steer their changing worlds; MetLife continues to transfer its global experience to its services for customers in Turkey. Maintaining a robust and stable growth in Turkey; MetLife Turkey grew over market averages in life and personal accident lines during the second quarter, just like it did in the first quarter.

Constantly improving its activities and business model for customer experience, MetLife Turkey grew by 67 percent in life and personal accident lines over the same period of last year and reached 363 million TL in premium volume, compared to an overall market growth of 46 percent. Therefore, the company maintained its 2nd position with a market share of 10 percent.

MetLife keeps making leaps towards ensuring the sustainability of its competitive advantage; and maintains its leadership in personal accident line among other pension and life companies since its foundation. MetLife Turkey expanded its premium volume of personal accident line by 54% over the same period of last year, and reached 96 million TL. Turkish life insurance grew by 48 percent as of the second quarter; while MetLife surpassed it with over 73 percent and ranked 4th with a premium volume of 266 million TL.


Deniz Yurtseven, General Manager of MetLife Turkey, said underlined how proud and pleased they were of the company’s second quarter results with the following statement:

“With a history of over 150 years, MetLife continues to reflect its global achievements on its activities in Turkey. By combining our innovative products and services we have especially developed to address the requirements of our customers with technology, we have created a difference in the market; which is further proven by the results of the second quarter. We increasingly make greater contribution to Turkish economy by maintaining our stable growth, driven by the reestablishment of the environment of trust in economy.  As in the first quarter, we have grown over the market averages in life, personal accident and private pension during the second quarter. I would like to emphasize the role of our global expertise, local know-how, and our main distribution channel DenizBank, as well as BurganBank, have all been key to our successful performance in creating these results and our achievements in the market.  Moreover, this successful performance was further supported by the realization of actions that we had determined to make the lives of our customers easier and provide the solutions they need through the best products and services.”

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