10th International Istanbul Insurance Conference organized by Insurance Practitioners Association with participants from 30 countries


International Istanbul Insurance Conference, which is organized annually by Insurance Practitioners Association, has been organized for the tenth time this year. Attended by the senior managers of insurance and reinsurance companies operating in Turkey and overseas, as well as representatives from public institutions, the conference focused on the problems and future of the insurance market.


Fahri Altıngöz, Chairman of Insurance Practitioners Association, gave a statement about the conference and said: “Founded in 1958, Insurance Practitioners Association is one of the oldest associations in the market. We have been regularly organizing this international conference every year. We receive many foreign partners from nearly 30 different countries ranging from USA to Japan, from Europe to Middle East, as speakers or participants. Insurers with many different experiences attend from our country as well. Therefore, we can discuss significant topics on the agenda of the global insurance market. We can combine some global experiences, market opportunities, related precautions and products all together and get a chance to engage in productive discussions. This naturally creates an environment to discuss insurance matters on a global perspective and share them with the public.


This year’s meeting focuses on catastrophic risks and especially climate change. As you know, climate change affects our lives very deeply. Last year’s intense hail events brought significant losses to our products, vehicles, residences and settlements. Moreover, we have recently faced a serious storm coming from over the Aegean Sea. As we are located on an earthquake zone which is open to such catastrophic risks, our duty as insurers (as companies that provide insurance coverage and guarantee in these fields) is to create awareness in the public. We should also share our activities and services on a global platform. Plus, thanks to these meetings, we get the opportunity to learn recent developments in the world and share this knowledge with our esteemed business partners.” 


Ahmet Yaşar, General Manager of Quick Sigorta, gave a statement about the second day of the conference on 5 October 2018, and said: “Today, we have discussed the issue of pools which holds a significant place in Turkish insurance market. We have evaluated the risky insurance pool, credit insurance pool and insurance pool against medical malpractices. We have detailed the new application that will be initiated in credit insurance as of November and the pool to be brought by this new application. It has been a beneficial discussion for the market. Moreover, Insurance Practitioners Association has completed its 60th year in the insurance market this year. 60 years is a very significant time in human life. For a non-government organization, being able to operate for 60 years is a big achievement.”


Mehmet Akif Eroğlu, Secretary General of Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB), gave a speech and presentation during the opening, and said: “Due to their probability of causing accidents, driver’s licenses of drunk drivers are confiscated for 6 months before they can actually cause any accidents. There are 79 thousand 600 drivers who have caused 4 accidents every year on average, for the last 3 years. Their licenses should also be confiscated in the same manner. There are roads where traffic accidents occur more frequently; we should solve those problems. We have initiated special trainings for road hogs. There are drivers that cause 3 or 4 accidents on an annual basis. They are almost professionals in this. Accidents should not be underestimated. Licenses of drunk drivers are confiscated for 6 months; this should also apply to drivers who are frequently engaged in accidents as well. You can submit penalty points to us, and we can use them in our tariffs.”


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10th International Istanbul Insurance Conference organized by Insurance Practitioners Association with participants from 30 countries
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