Insurance support to chambers of commerce


Generali Sigorta continues to support chambers of commerce. Within the scope of their recent partnership with Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Generali Sigorta has provided the 160 thousand members of the Chamber across Turkey with personal accident insurance coverage. The deal was a first in Turkey, and it will continue with other chambers of commerce around the country. Generali Sigorta invites all chambers of commerce to partner with them in order to insure them against the bad surprises in life.


Seydi Demir: "We invite chambers of commerce to partner with us”

Seydi Demir, Assistant General Manager of Sales at Generali Sigorta, shared details about the support they will provide for chambers of commerce across the country; and stated that they aimed to ensure that chambers and their members feel confident about their futures. “For the continuity of life and commercial activities, chambers of commerce are of great importance. We would like to show the chambers that we support them through similar partnerships. Our agreements will ensure that the members of those chambers feel confident about their future activities. Therefore, we would like to invite all chambers of commerce around the country to partner with us.”



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