Maher Holding to build a primary school


Münir Karaloğlu, Governor of Antalya, has signed the protocol that allows Quick Sigorta to build a primary school with 16 classrooms at Alanya, Mahmutlar.

In addition to their investments in insurance, energy and construction industries, Maher Holding -owner of Quick Sigorta- stands out with their investments in education. Having proven its success in a very short period of 2 years after being founded by Maher Holding, Quick Sigorta has quickly begun committing to social responsibility projects. The company has recently organized the protocol ceremony for the ‘Quick Sigorta A.Ş. Gülseren Hüseyin Doğan Primary School’, which will be built in Alanya’s Mahmutlar neighborhood.

The ceremony was held at the Governor’s Office in Antalya and was participated by Mehmet Erdemoğlu, Chairman of Maher Holding; Mine Erdemoğlu, Member of the BoD at Maher Holding; Levent Uluçeçen, CEO of Maher Holding; Ahmet Yaşar, General Manager of Quick Sigorta; Yüksel Arslan, Provincial Director of National Education; Erhan Baydur, Deputy Provincial Director of National Education; Hüseyin Er, District Director of National Education; Adem Murat Yücel, Mayor of Antalya; and Gülseren-Hüseyin Doğan couple.

"We have received requests for a school in Mahmutlar"

Governor Karaloğlu, who gave a speech during the protocol signing ceremony, reminded that Erdemoğlu family was one of the first philanthropists that rushed into Van after the big earthquake to build a school there. He also expressed his gratitude in gaining such a valuable building for Antalya. Adding that he received many requests for building a school in the Mahmutlar neighborhood, Karaloğlu added: “We already know Mahmut Erdemoğlu. He will donate a school to national education as a businessman philanthropist. I wish all the best for this new school.” 

"We will continue to build new structures for our country"

Mahmut Erdemoğlu, Chairman of Maher Holding, said that they were pleased to be able to keep their promises to Quick Sigorta agents. Saying that this school would be the first building to be constructed in Turkey by Quick Sigorta, Erdemoğlu added: “Insurance companies generally organize domestic or international trips to entertain their agents or revise their annual activities. Rather than one project, we have preferred to conduct two projects: To organize one trip to the regions where our agents live and to conduct one other project with the remaining resources. Therefore, we wanted to make a contribution to the education of our country. We will continue to build new structures for our country as long as we live and as long as we can afford.”

After the speeches ended, Governor Karaloğlu signed a protocol with the Provincial Director of National Education, Mayor of Antalya and Chairman of Maher Holding.
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