#ÖzlenenRiskler (#RisksWeMiss): A different and striking campaign from Groupama



Last year, Groupama Sigorta had initiated a new series of communication activities under the theme “#YaşamakRiskAlmaktır” (living is risk taking). During the days of the pandemic, these activities are followed by a special commercial under the new series called “#ÖzlenenRiskler” (risks we miss). The series depict unwanted events that occur during our lives through animations. The first commercial of the series narrates the scratching of a car door in a humorous tone.


Groupama Sigorta has launched a new communication series called “#ÖzlenenRiskler”, as an adaptation of last year’s theme of “#YaşamakRiskAlmaktır” during these days of pandemic. 


Groupama views the concept of risk from a different perspective with the motto “Living is Risk Taking”; and now tells us that we might even miss those risks under the circumstances. The first commercial of the campaign which depicts the scratch on an automobile as a lovely cartoon character does not only emphasize that those moments will come back, but also gives a clear message that Groupama always stands by its customers under any circumstances.

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