Anadolu Sigorta offers its agents a chance to create their own campaigns

With the “Advantageous Products Package” (KÜP) module, Anadou Sigorta offers its agents a chance to create their own campaigns. This is a first in Turkey as agents will be able to create their campaigns via ‘Ofisim Cepte’ (My Office in My Pocket) application on their mobile phones.


Anadolu Sigorta has broken another new ground in Turkey and launched an application which helps agents create their own campaigns with “Advantageous Products Package” (KÜP). Enabling Anadolu Sigorta agents to join campaigns effectively, KÜP also allows agents to select campaign targets and rewards for reaching those targets. “Advantageous Products Package” module can easily be accessed via “Ofisim Cepte” application. Thanks to the application, agents will be able to choose the products to include in the campaign, determine the targets and rewards, and regularly follow-up the campaign results during the term using their mobile phones.


Filiz Tiryakioğlu, Assistant General Manager at Anadolu Sigorta, underlined that the application brings many advantages for agents. “We expect the ‘Advantageous Products Package’ to make it easier for our agents to join campaigns and increase their profits. As agents are in close contact with policyholders and know their needs and expectations very well, they will be able to create campaigns that best fit their portfolios and manage their own targets via KÜP. This will help agents reach their targets more easily. As the first of its kind in Turkey, our application already receives very positive feedbacks from Anadolu Sigorta agents,” she said.                


Anadolu Sigorta is always there for their agents with Ofisim Cepte


Anadolu Sigorta has renewed its “Ofisim Cepte” application in order to respond to its agents’ daily mobile requirements in the easiest and most accurate way and to offer them a simpler and more understandable user experience. The new “Ofisim Cepte” application also provides access to “Advantageous Products Package” module; and helps Anadolu Sigorta Agents reach main production systems, collect ASPARA points, and review their monthly performance cards.


Moreover, Anadolu Sigorta agents will also be able to access target analysis, general production report and production commission list, be informed about several developments about their requirements and reach different products. In short, Anadolu Sigorta agents will enjoy the privilege of moving their offices to their mobile phones.

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Anadolu Sigorta offers its agents a chance to create their own campaigns

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