Allianz Turkey includes all epidemics in the scope of their health insurance policies


Following the Covid-19 breakout in Turkey, Allianz Turkey took immediate action to compensate for Covid-19 related losses of policyholders, even though it was out of scope. The company will also provide coverage for losses related to other epidemics via their health insurance policies from now on.


After the breakout was declared a pandemic, Allianz Turkey decided to pay for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related expenses of their 1.3 million customers, although it was not included in the policy scope. Now the company has decided to include all epidemics in the scope of its health insurance policies. As a company that has taken all the necessary measures and turned them rapidly into actions during these tough times, Allianz Turkey will cover for the expenses arising from sicknesses due to potential epidemics in the future within the scope of the policy coverages and limits.


Tolga Gürkan, CEO of Allianz Turkey, said that they had been covering for the expenses of policyholders who issue claims for COVID-19 despite it is not included in the scope of health insurance policies since the first day of the coronavirus breakout in Turkey. “As the insurance market, our job is based on estimating and managing both short and long term risks. These tough times experienced by the whole world reminded us the value of our health and managing the health risks. Thanks to our strong financial and technical infrastructure and agile organization, we were able to cover for the health risks of our policyholders rapidly as soon as the pandemic broke out in Turkey. Now we say ‘Allianz is there for you’ once again, and we are adding all epidemics in the scope of our health insurance policies. We keep insuring the health of our policyholders,” he said. Epidemic coverage will be valid for both 1.3 million existing policyholders of Allianz, and for the new personal and corporate health and complementary health insurance policies, in accordance with the policy limits and conditions. Necessary updates will be reflected on policy documents in the next term.



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Allianz Turkey includes all epidemics in the scope of their health insurance policies
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