MetLife initiates a program to bring joy to their customers’ lives: ‘MetLife is with me’


MetLife’s campaign which is offered within the scope of their customer loyalty program called “MetLife is with me” were designed with features creating a difference in their field through strong brand relationships that can be easily used by their customers. Aiming to make daily lives of their customers more pleasant, “Metlife is with me” offers opportunities through business partnerships ranging from shopping to entertainment, from travel to food & beverage and online shopping in accordance with today’s circumstances.


“Metlife is with me” starts shower of prizes on May 18


Opened for the use of MetLife customers, ‘MetLife is with me’ program is launched with an attractive campaign that was designed in accordance with the requirements of the social isolation period. Within the scope of the campaign that will last until June 18, 10 MetLife customers will have a chance to win 5.000 TL from Hepsiburada, and 300 MetLife customers will have a chance to win 300 TL that can be spent at A101 markets. To join the campaign, MetLife customers with an active policy/contract will need to get a code for the draw over


Deniz Yurtseven, CEO of MetLife Turkey, stated that he was glad to have initiated ‘MetLife is with me’ customer loyalty program. “‘Metlife is with me’ is one of the best results of the customer oriented approach adopted by MetLife globally in all our business processes. As MetLife, with our new generation insurance approach, we offer our customers products and services that will help us be by their side at all times, not just in difficult times. ‘MetLife is with me’ is a valuable result of this approach. As a part of our target to extend the journey of our customers over long years, we believe that ‘MetLife is with me’ will increase our customer satisfaction, while introducing our customers to new products and services. We already offer a rich content with ‘Metlife is with me’ and we will keep enriching it with new campaigns and advantages every month. With this program, our customers will get used to winning.”


Yurtseven continued his words as follows: “We are introducing ’MetLife is with me’ program to our customers with a campaign that will address our needs in the current social isolation period we are going through. Right now, what we all need most is grocery shopping. Therefore, at the end of our one-month campaign, we will be offering our customers attractive gifts that could be used at and A101 markets.”

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