#RisksWeMiss was watched 3.5 million times

#RisksWeMiss film series, which was prepared by Groupama Sigorta referring to the routines we miss during the Covid 19 pandemic and tells about little accidents we do not wish to have, was watched 3.5 million times.

Defining insurance as a factor that increases people’s freedom of movement in their lives and carrying out their communication activities in this respect, Groupama Sigorta adopted their campaign from last year called #LivingIsRiskTaking to the days of pandemic and launched a new series called #RisksWeMiss. Depicting the risks we can face in our daily lives such as “Scratched Car”, “Wet Surface”, and “Sea Urchin” in a humorous tone; Groupama emphasizes that we might even miss those risks when the time comes.

Prepared as a series of 3 animations, #RisksWeMiss commercials got 3.5 million views and over 13 million impressions. Groupama also organized a competition within the scope of the campaign that refers to the routines that we miss during the pandemic. The competition was held over Instagram with the tag #WeWillLiveAgain, under which attendees shared nearly 3 thousand photographs.

“We have directed our approach that focuses on details in life towards activities and risks we miss this year. We are going through extraordinary times in this crisis, and missing even the small problems that seem like issues under normal circumstances,” said Frederique Guegan Tayar, Assistant General Mananger of Marketing, Corporate Communication & Customer Services at Groupama Sigorta; while emphasizing the attention #RisksWeMiss campaign received. “We are telling people that insurance is a service that eliminates the concerns about risks. Setting off from the fact that risks are a part of life, we are giving the message that we stand by our policyholders for those risks.”



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