Maher Holding Insurance Group expands to Europe


Board of Directors of Quick Sigorta, celebrating their 3rd anniversary this year, decided to establish an insurance company in Europe after studies and researches that took one year. Levent Uluçeçen, CEO of Maher Holding, gave a statement about the new development; stating that they continued their research after deciding in principal, and started working effective immediately following the decision of BoD this week.

Maher Holding owns Quick Sigorta, which quickly took over leadership position in the market in different insurance products after starting their activities three years ago, and Corpus Sigorta, which continues to grow rapidly. The company has decided to establish an insurance company in Europe. CEO Levent Uluçeçen stated that they started researching for it after deciding in principal, and added: “As a result of a one-year research by our team, our Board of Directors decided to found an insurance company in Europe. This is a first for Turkey, and our entire team is working vigorously to make it real. As you know, we already bought a foreign insurance company, as the first company to do so in Turkey, and named it Corpus. In that sense, we will keep working towards breaking new grounds. We will establish this new company in Europe with the support of our entire insurance group, and the operation will be led by Quick Sigorta. We have achieved success in Turkey, and we aim to repeat it in Europe. I wish this will bring all the best for Turkey and our market,” he said.

Ahmet Yaşar, General Manager of Quick Sigorta, underlined that they have realized many firsts since their foundation. “As Quick Sigorta, we will lead the foundation efforts of the new insurance company in Europe. In other words, the company that will be founded in Europe will use Quick Sigorta’s technological infrastructure and operational approach. Maher Holding Board of Directors decided to initiate foundation following a research process of one year. The new company will be structured in a way to provide services for entire Europe. After our examinations, we are about to decide between a Central European and a Southern European country to base our center in. Once it is finalized, we will inform the public about our decision. I can say that Quick Sigorta is entering a new and different course as a pioneer of innovation in many areas. I wish this brings all the best for our country and entire insurance market,” he said.

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