Social media: One of the most important pieces of transformation


Dr. E. Baturalp Pamukçu, General Manager of Türk Nippon Sigorta, stated that digital transformation revolutionized our lives and business manners and we would feel the effects of that transformation more deeply throughout 2018. Saying that the digital transformation is in its infancy both in Turkey and on the global scale, Pamukçu added as follows: “It seems that usage of telematics and wearable technologies will increase further in the next five years. I believe that Internet of Things and wearable technologies will provide great opportunities for customer satisfaction and towards providing customized services and prices. I think companies will increase their use of the ‘big data’ both for their internal analysis and sector-wide evaluations, and data mining and ‘predictive analysis’ will become more popular at insurance companies. Social media will cease to be a small cost item in marketing budgets and become a basic requirement for corporate reputation and marketing activities. Insurance companies will begin using social medial platforms much more effectively to better explain themselves to policyholders and understand their complaints in return.”


‘Social media gaining importance’
Underlining that insurance companies will use social media much more actively during 2018, Pamukçu added: “We constantly listen to our customers so that we can understand their expectations from our market, their problems and their perspective of our company and also insurance market; and we provide solutions accordingly. Today, social media is extremely popular, and has become a serious driving force around the world. The interaction created by the social media has reached unbelievable dimensions with the use of smart phones and tablets. In this regard, we must underline that it should be included in strategic planning of companies and become a part of corporate values and culture. As Türk Nippon Sigorta, we will enhance our work on projects concerning social media usage. In addition, we intend to reach out to customers with non-auto insurance products in order to simplify their lives. We use social media effectively to promote and sell our products online, while keeping our finger on the pulse of social media usage through several social media campaigns.”


‘Online insurance will get more popular’
Pamukçu mentioned that volume of e-commerce had been increasing in Turkey, with reflections on the insurance market as well. He underlined that online insurance which slowly began to be used in Turkey will become much more popular in the coming years; adding that all the advantages of e-commerce would apply to online insurance sales.


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