AXA Sigorta is 125 years old


As a company rooted in Turkey since 1892, AXA shared its story of 125 years during a special organization which was presented by Simge Fıstıkoğlu and enriched with a speech by İlber Ortaylı.


AXA Sigorta published a book named “Story of 3 Centuries” to tell its story encompassing three different centuries in Turkey and the important historical events that left their mark on that period of time. An event was organized to celebrate the company’s 125th year and the launch of the book. The evening began with a speech by Guillaume Lejeune, CEO of AXA Sigorta. After that, Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı, famous historian and writer; and Simge Fıstıkoğlu, one of the favorite newscasters of the TV, presented a pleasant conversation on the story of AXA Sigorta and history of insurance in Turkey. The event continued with a concert by the singer Dilek Türkan. Attended by the important names from the business and social life, AXA Sigorta agents and employees; the organization offered the guests different flavors from the popular tastes of the Turkish cuisine representing three centuries.


“Story of 3 Centuries is a symbol of our trust in Turkey”


Stating that AXA Sigorta has been operating in Turkey for 125 years, CEO Guillaume Lejeune said: “AXA has been in these lands for a period encompassing three different centuries. Our book called ‘Story of 3 Centuries’ is an important testimony of this coexistence, and a serious symbol of our trust in Turkey. Throughout this journey, we have witnessed the rise of a nation that has sacrificed a lot under many difficulties. In addition to pleasing developments, we have gone through difficulties and overcome them together. During this entire process, Turkish people have kept believing us. They did not only trust us with their assets and lives, but also their dreams and futures. For 125 years, AXA Sigorta has never stopped working for being worthy of that trust.”



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AXA Sigorta is 125 years old
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