Doğa Sigorta’s real growth reaches

66 percent


Having begun its activities in 2014, Doğa Sigorta has taken another successful towards its sustainable growth target. In 4 years’ time, Doğa Sigorta has risen to the 9th rank in Turkish insurance market; proving its difference in health, travel, traffic and earthquake products with its real growth rate and premium production.


‘We have raised our sustainable growth up to the peak’

CEO Nihat Kırmızı underlined that, in cooperation with their agents and solution partners, Doğa Sigorta managed to become one of the top ten companies of the market in 2017 in terms of growth rate, as one of the companies with the widest agency network. He said:

“By undertaking a pioneer role with our innovations especially in the non-life segment, we have managed to increased our growth sustainability to the highest level in 2017. With our innovative and visionary perspective, volume of our underwritten premiums surpassed our target levels. We are proud to have closed the year 2017 with a real growth rate of 66.6 percent.”


“In terms of non-life premium volume, we have managed to rise up to the 9th rank among tens of companies in a short period of time and surpassed by far the market growth rate.

In the coming term, we aim to move forward with cautious and determined steps and enhance our position in the market,” he added.


Life-long friendships with policyholders

With 8 regional representative offices and over 1000 agents across Turkey, Doğa Sigorta has rapidly become one of the leading insurance companies of Turkish insurance market. Gaining the satisfaction of its customers with its responsible and competent actions, Doğa Sigorta builds life-long friendships with its policyholders as a result of a customer-oriented approach offering solutions for all their insurance needs. In this respect, the company offers various products in Fire, Automobile Accident, Non-Auto Accident and Liability, Engineering, Marine and Health Insurance lines.  Thanks to its wide range of products, the company can provide tailor-made solutions for all manner of current and future requirements.



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Doğa Sigorta’s real growth reaches 66 percent

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