Koalay.com’s total increase in sales reached 282 percent in 2017


Bradley Du Chenne, CEO of Koalay.com Turkey, evaluated the 2017 performance of the insurance market from the perspective of Turkish market in general and Koalay.com. Stating that Koalay.com’s total increase in sales reached 282 percent, Bradley Du Chenne said that the biggest increase came from traffic insurance with 184 percent increase compared to 2016 results. He added that their DASK sales increased by 174 percent, and motor (kasko) by 146 percent. “The most pleasing result was the increase in pure online sales without the interaction of the call center. In 2017, the number of online sales increased from 27 percent to reach 39 percent,” Bradley Du Chenne said.

Bradley Du Chennein said that in 2017, customers intended more towards insurance comparison and requested larger panels for price comparison. He explained that Koalay.com had been conducting surveys on their different product offering pages and that they saw customers were driving the online purchase process more aggressively than ever. He added that those customer comments drove the company to create more simplicity in insurance terminology and to allow for effective comparison and increased engagement.
Bradley Du Chenne shared the details of their activities and projects Koalay.com realized during 2017. He said that the year 2017 was all about growth in distribution and accessibility to reach ‘’non-internet-savvy’’ consumers. According to Du Chenne, they achieved this through partnerships with distribution networks which hold a significant footprint across the Turkish map.

Koalay.com aims to provide increased product offering in 2018
Bradley Du Chenne also informed us about the company’s 2018 targets and plans, saying that they would continue their aggressive growth in distribution and point of sales, with an increase in product offering range as well.

Bradley Du Chenne estimated that the decision by Treasury to increase the traffic insurance premiums would push customers even more towards instant and easy price comparison, and added: “This could only be provided by digital platforms. Koalay.com, being the front runner in online digital insurance, not only supports the customer in the simple comparison of numerous offers but allows them to instantly purchase as well. Our 2017 online sales statistics support the fact that consumers are demanding more self-service online distribution channels. We are also continuing our focus on the mobile sales journey as we see increases and huge potential in the mobile space in the coming year.”

CEO of Koalay.com shared some tips about the new features/products that will be prepared for Koalay.com customers in the coming term:

 “We are working to broaden our offer range. We are working with insurance companies to move product offers that are available within the closed agency networks toward the online web servicing platforms, thus allowing integration into our system. This will help us offer all kinds of health, life, home travel and other insurances to customers, all of them purchasable online and in one space.”



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