Robot Sophia visits Turkey under the assurance of Anadolu Sigorta



Marketing Meetup, which was held on April 19 under the theme of ‘experience’, hosted a very important guest this year.

Developed by Hanson Robotics and the researches of Las Vegas University as the world’s first humanoid robot, Sophia was one of the most striking guests of the event which was organized at Uniq İstanbul.

During her visit from Hong Kong to İstanbul, Sophia was insured by Anadolu Sigorta. Sophia’s insurance policy that covers her travel risks was presented to her as a part of the event.


Anadolu Sigorta introduces Individual Cyber-Security Insurance product

50 lucky attendees who registered at the Anadolu Sigorta booth during the Marketing Meetup event got a chance to possess Anadolu Sigorta’s Individual Cyber-Security Insurance for the first time.


Providing covers for individuals against identity theft, fraudulent and abusive use of payment tools, online shopping conflicts, and loss of reputation in virtual environment; Individual Cyber-Security Insurance received a great deal of attention from the attendees of the event. The product was explained in detail at the Anadolu Sigorta booth. In addition to certain amount of coverage against risks and legal advisory services, the product also offers personal password theft coverage and computer assistance services.



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