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QBLOG, which is the center of Quick Sigorta’s digital activities, has attracted a great deal of attention since the day it went live. English version of this Blog is also now online. Ahmet Yaşar, General Manager of Quick Sigorta, stated that they aimed to reach everyone living in Turkey: “With QBlog, we have opened the first channel for foreign people living in our country. We prioritize providing an efficient and sincere communication in all our business processes. Therefore, QBLOG takes a significant part in our general communication and marketing activities with its original, rich and fun content.”

Dr. İsmail Kızılbay, Assistant General Manager of Communication and Marketing, stated that they were still working on the English version of the online sales page; adding he did not believe it was accurate to contact with individuals only through advertisement and an ordinary marketing approach: “Informing people about your product is not enough. What your brand makes them feel, sincerity of your communication channel, and type of your contact with them on topics other than sales are of crucial importance. It is not possible to maintain a sustainable communication with individuals for a brand that sells most of its products once a year.  Contents created in the digital environment in recent years now constitute the most important element of sustainable communication. In that sense, QBLOG is a harbor of our digital content. This is a content you can enjoy reading.  As you know, following QBLOG, QMAG aired as an addition to be sold with LOG Magazine. Now, we have also gone live with the English version of the QBLOG that targets foreigners living in Turkey. On this blog, we will be offering significant information and details about insurance for our foreign guests. However, we will not be choking people with boring insurance details; as is our motto in all our communication efforts. Turkey and İstanbul stand at the center of our content approach. As well as joint content with other publications, we will also produce special content for our English version.” Dr. İsmail Kızılbay added that they will work for broadcasting in different languages in accordance with products and target audiences: “These works are communication efforts that will contribute to our marketing activities. Contents produced for and accumulated in these channels also feed our social media channels. That’s why our social media channels have received great attention in a short period and been positioned at a different spot in the market.”



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QBLOG English in online
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