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insurance brand: AXA


AXA Sigorta ranks first in the brand preference research conducted by the independent research company TNS under the categories of “Brand recognition”, “Evaluation trend” and “Preference”. The research proves that AXA has reinforced its perception of a strong brand that is easy to work with, modern and innovative.


This research shows AXA Sigorta has proved that it has reinforced its brand perception with new communication efforts which focus on the importance of being a policyholder in addition to the innovative products and services it offers. The research was conducted among the policyholders in motor branch, where AXA Sigorta was the first insurance company that pops into the minds of customers with a dominance of 31 percent, 7 points ahead of its closest rival. By extending the gap between itself and its competitors compared to the previous year, AXA Sigorta ranked first in this area for eight consecutive years. Moreover, the company outscored its competitors in “Evaluation trend” and “buying trend” categories, ranking number one.


AXA is defined as a reliable, assertive, fair, strong and easy-to-work-with brand by its consumers due to its innovative products offered with AXA Sigorta difference such as fast payment services, replacement vehicle services kasko products, Insurance for Women Entrepreneurs aiming to make life easier for women entrepreneurs, and its digitalization projects. In terms of brand image, the company left its competitors behind in the areas of prioritizing customer benefits, supporting customers under any circumstances, and reflecting the new face of insurance business. The company has reinforced its friendly, philanthropist, modern, pioneer and innovative stand on the brand identity side with its new commercial campaign ‘Dert Varsa Derman AXA’ that significantly increased the product sales during the second half of 2017.


Stating that their most important purpose was to ensure better lives for the people, Alper Tanyer, Director of Marketing at AXA Sigorta, underlined that they continued working rapidly to respond to the changing behaviors and buying expectations of consumers. Tanyer added that their recent research efforts reflected onto the customers as well, and said: “We are working towards becoming a partner that adds value to the lives of people and institutions. Consumers’ high awareness about the AXA brand and the fact that AXA Sigorta ranks first for customers as to their preference of benefiting from products and services prove that we are going in the right direction. Our research indicates that customers prefer AXA Sigorta because we are easy to work with, we stand by our customers anytime they need, our products and services are clear, and we give them good advice in risk management.” Adding that they always emphasize the importance of increasing the rate of insurance for the sake of national economy, Alper Tanyer said that their commercial campaign ‘Dert Varsa Derman AXA’ featuring famous actor Gürgen Öz, made a significant contribution to creating awareness about this matter. He finalized his words by saying that they would continue with similar projects in the coming term and work to be worthy of their place in the eyes of their customers.


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