Unico Sigorta’s new management succeeds in generating profit in 3 years following the Aviva Sigorta acquisition


As one the three most successful companies in non-life premium growth, Unico Sigorta succeeded in generating profit in its 3rd year following the transformation from Aviva Sigorta.


In addition to price cap and pool systems that were launched in 2017, natural events in the summer months caused insurance companies to experience a challenging and troublesome year. As the experienced and dynamic brand of the insurance market and the three most successful companies in non-life premium growth, Unico Sigorta managed to break its own record and began to generate profit thanks to its firm steps in this conjuncture and strategy of digitalization.


Thanks to our business partners and employees
Stating that the financial results of 2017 proved the rapid and profitable growth in their main performance indicators, CEO Cenk Tabakoğlu said: “Together with the transformation of our brand, we have gone through a serious restructuring and transition for the last three years. However, we have managed to increase our production by threefold during this process, and grew by 56 percent in 2017. I would like to thank our business partners and employees who helped us achieve this and supported us along this path. We aim 2018 to be full of success, driven by the strength we have gained from our achievements so far.”


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