Aksigorta’s Data Center Transformation Project rewarded by IDC


Data Center Transformation Project, conducted by Aksigorta within the scope of their New Generation Insurance approach that focuses on innovation and technology, was rewarded ‘Best IT Cost Efficiency Project of the Year’ by IDC.

Data Center renewed with a fast and flexible structure
Being named the Best IT Cost Efficiency Project of the Year, Aksigorta’s Data Center Transformation Project aimed to bring performance improvement, better security, flexibility, efficient management, and cost efficiency. The project included the transformation of infrastructure, server, network, database, and application levels; and 63 small applications were updated and consolidated under three main applications. Aksigorta’s new Data Center created the infrastructure necessary for the management of agency and location-free systems. Application performance was improved by 40 percent. Moreover, backup-restore period was reduced from 24 hours down to 10 hours. With the Data Center Transformation Project, Aksigorta aims to save 20 million TL in 4 years.




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