Agito and FYK join forces for the future of digital insurance



As a company that takes significant steps towards digital transformation in insurance market, Agito is engaged in yet another partnership to make a difference in the market.

As they continue to improve products and services offered in insurtech area, Agito has joined forces and partnered with FYK – a company offering products and services in internet of things, mobile Technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Within the scope of this partnership, products and services required in the area of digital insurance will be offered rapidly and safely to the market under Agito brand.


Murat Uğursal, CEO of Agito, stated that they were really pleased about this partnership and said: “This partnership is the combination of both companies’ know-how going back many years. We believe that combined with the contributions of Agito, products and services of FYK Technologies in digital insurance will add value to the market. We continue working with a stronger team now with the aim of extending this value to entire insurance market. We believe that this partnership will constitute a significant step for the insurance market.”


Yalçın Tarkan, founder of FYK Tecknoloji, underlined that they were happy to partner with Agito and offer solutions for digital insurance. “The decision to enter insurance market was a significant step for us, and we see it as an exhilarating offer. Joining forces with Agito - as a company we work with in great harmony thanks to their ethical values and corporate culture - will definitely bring a new vision and strength to the market in the area of digital insurance,” he said.


Uğursal and Tarkan both gave messages of transformation and solidarity to the market, highlighting that they will be the pioneers of a great digital transformation in the market through new products and solutions.

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