Anadolu Sigorta wins IADA Gold Medal with its 2019 Annual Report


Anadolu Sigorta has won the Gold Medal in IADA - International Annual Report Design Awards with its 2019 Annual Report. The company had also been awarded with Silver Medal by IADA with its 2018 annual report which adopted the motto “Make Change & Outpace”. 2019 Annual Report was prepared with the motto “To Guarantee the Future” and won the Gold Medal in the category of Insurance / Life & Health.


Working with the goal of pushing the boundaries of annual report creativity to the utmost, IADA has registered Anadolu Sigorta’s 2019 Annual Report as an exceptional work that exemplifies the very best in the aesthetic and artistic design on a global scale. As a UK based organization, IADA accepts extraordinary work that aims for the best in annual report design all around the world.


Filiz Tiryakioğlu, 1st Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Anadolu Sigorta, stated that Anadolu Sigorta’s 2019 Annual Report called “To Guarantee the Future” exhibits Anadolu Sigorta’s development and team achievement, as well as its detailed annual financial tables. “The report includes future expectation for the market and economy, while reviewing Anadolu Sigorta’s product, service and business models within its corporate social responsibility and digitalization efforts through a versatile holistic approach. Our annual report is a team achievement, and we are really happy to see that its design has been awarded by such a prestigious awards program. We will keep improving the visual design of our annual report, while adding more to its rich content; and winning more awards by maintaining our exceptional approach,” she said.


Click here to reach Anadolu Sigorta’s 2019 Annual Report which was entitled to Gold Medal in The International Annual Report Design Awards, IADA:

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Anadolu Sigorta wins IADA Gold Medal with its 2019 Annual Report
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