AXA Sigorta offers special brand casco for Renault and Dacia vehicles

As a company creating value in the market with a perspective of becoming a solution partner for policyholders to trust in every area of their lives, AXA Sigorta has added yet another one to its extensive and advantageous motor casco deals offered to leading brands of the automobile industry. Since October, AXA Sigorta has been offering additional advantages in addition to its Branch Casco (Marka Kasko) product for the owners of Renault and Dacia Cars. The advantages can be used in authorized service shops of Renault and Dacia, and include services such as commitment to repair in brand standards, replacement vehicle services for 15 days and twice a year, legal protection coverage up to 10.000 TL, and free mini repairs up to 750 TL for Renault and Dacia brands.


Renault and Dacia car owners benefit from the extensive coverage of Marka Kasko
Marka Kasko is one of the most extensive coverage packages in the market, providing coverage against theft, fire, glass breakage, natural catastrophes, and damages to be done by animals in addition to losses caused by accidents. An extra coverage against ‘key loss’ is also offered to customers as an AXA guarantee once Marko Kasko is bought. Small damages to the car can also be included in the policy scope with an additional ‘small repair’ limit. When the car is damaged, the customer can apply for the Assistance services, get replacement vehicle services, and get compensated for necessary travel and accommodation services within the scope of their insurance policy. Moreover, customers can start benefiting from assistance services 24/7 once they buy Motor Kasko coverage.


“As Axa Sigorta, we develop new products in parallel with the needs of different sectors and offer advantages to our customers with special products prepared for every term. As of October, we began offering our new motor casco product as a result of our partnership with Renault and Dacia. I believe that we will strengthen our existing bonds with Renault and Dacia families further thanks to Marko Kasko. When we add losses addressed in the dealers to Marka Kasko partnership, we can see that we have a very large and strong business volume together. As a company with a strong distribution channel, I think we will make significant contributions by insuring Renault and Dacia vehicles with full coverage,” said Firuzan İşcan, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Axa Sigorta.


“As Renault MAİS, we uninterruptedly continue to offer solutions that simplify the lives of our customers, which is our most important priority. AXA Sigorta’s long years of cooperation with OYAK Group companies in Turkey and with Renault Group around the world has been yielding efficient results for all parties. In this respect, Renault and Dacia owners have mostly preferred AXA Sigorta policies. This new cooperation for Renault Kasko and Dacia Kasko products will combine AXA Sigorta’s market experience with the extensive sales and post-sales networks of Renault and Dacia brands, contributing to the development of our partnership even further. I believe that this new cooperation will really please our authorized dealers and customers, and wish that it brings all the best for Renault MAİS, ORFİN and AXA families,” said Berk Çağdaş, General Manager and CEO of Renault MAİS.

“As Orfin Finansman, we are undertaking an active role in introducing Renault and Dacia buyers to advantageous insurance products while offering them innovative financing opportunities. Through this new cooperation with AXA Sigorta, one of the most experienced and powerful brands of the market, we aim to improve our close relationship even further; and offer our customers a more efficient and higher quality service. We believe that all our retail and corporate customers that we finance for Renault and Dacia car purchases will be very happy about this cooperation, which will bring productive results for both our customers and all our stakeholders,” said Özgür Öztürk, General Manager of Orfin Finansman.

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