HDI Sigorta agents are getting digital with “companion” support packages



With the aim of offering rapid solutions to changing requirements, HDI Sigorta continues to simplify their agents’ lives by adapting technological advancements to its market.

During these days when digitalization is even more important due to the conditions imposed by the pandemic, HDI Sigorta supports its agents with Digital Companion Support Packages. As the first step of support packages, the company offers Website Package starting from the singular agents. The package consists of a corporate website where customers can easily get quotes and buy policies. Within the scope of the support program that aims to expand the customer network while increasing service quality, agents will get a corporate website compatible with mobile devices where their customers can easily get quotes and buy policies, in addition to search engine optimization and reporting services. Installation and 1-year maintenance fee will be paid by HDI Sigorta for singular agents wishing to benefit from this package.


Ceyhan Hancıoğlu, General Manager of HDI Sigorta, commented on the new service. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, our priority has been to detect the needs of our agents and customers, and offer them alternatives that will simplify their lives. During this period which reminded us the importance of digitalization and that it is a nondeferrable requirement, we have been adapting ourselves to digital transformation, making the business processes of our agents more efficient and simpler, and offering a good customer experience thanks to our Digital Companion Support Packages. While we expand our product network and increase our service quality, we will keep offering our customers a number of privileges in conjunction with simplicities,” he said.

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