DEV BES pension plan launched by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik in cooperation with the World Disability Union (DEV): 5% additional contribution in the first contract year


Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik has launched the new “DEV BES” pension plan in cooperation with Dünya Engelliler Vakfı (World Disability Union). Developed specially for persons with disabilities who are older than 18 and are able to exercise their civil rights, the product offers them additional income opportunity in their retirement as the first of its kind in the market. DEV BES is also advantageous with its reasonable contribution payments and additional contribution support during the first year of contract.


“We closely monitor the changing needs and expectations of our customers, and update and diversify our product portfolio in accordance with those needs and expectations. DEV BES is a new product in our portfolio and the first pension plan in our market that was developed for persons with disabilities. The product offers persons with disabilities an opportunity to accumulate additional income for their retirement period. In addition to the state subsidy of 25%, we gift them an additional 5% contribution for the first year of their contracts. This brings the total amount of additional contributions to 30%. The statistics indicate that there are nearly 5 million registered persons with disabilities. With this product, we wanted to offer a solution for those people and create awareness about them. DEV BES is the first product we have offered to this group. However, we aim to continue designing new products to simplify the lives of persons with disabilities,” commented Yılmaz Ertürk, Chief Executive Officer at Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik.

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