MAPFRE Sigorta and Fundación MAPFRE support earthquake victims in İzmir

In order to support the earthquake victims in İzmir, MAPFRE Sigorta has started offering its online medical consultancy application called “Bi’ Doktora Sor” free of charge. Moreover, Fundación MAPFRE sent disinfectants and surgical masks worth 50 thousand EUR.

MAPFRE Sigorta and Fundación MAPFRE started working towards healing the wounds of the victims immediately after the earthquake that occurred in İzmir on 30 October 2020.

MAPFRE Sigorta supports earthquake victims with its online medical consultancy app "Bi’ Doktora Sor”

MAPFRE Sigorta customers, agents and agency employees who live in İzmir can benefit from the medical consultancy services provided by “Bi’ Doktora Sor” application by calling the contact center until the end of the year. To benefit from the online medical consultancy application, policyholders who have suffered from the earthquake can call MAPFRE Contact Center at 0850 755 0 755 between 08:00 and 20:00.


Fundación MAPFRE donates disinfectant and surgical masks to earthquake victims in İzmir

Aware of the continuation of the pandemic alongside the earthquake, Fundación MAPFRE donated disinfectants and surgical masks to earthquake victims in İzmir. The donations were made and will be distributed in coordination with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. In May, Fundación MAPFRE had also donated 4.1 million TL to Turkey as a part of its plans to allocate 35 million EUR to 27 countries with the aim of supporting the medical sector and helping society’s most disadvantaged groups.


“We should not ignore the coronavirus risk that increased with the earthquake in the region. We know that social distancing, wearing masks and hygiene save lives. Therefore, we are sending masks and disinfectants which are the most basic needs in tent cities. We believe that we can recover from these days if we stand together,” said Stefan Jensen, CEO of MAPFRE Sigorta.


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