AXA Sigorta is the only insurance company listed among Turkey’s super brands


Superbrands, an organization regarded as an independent authority in brand assessment, announced Turkey’s super brands for 2016-2017 period. Super brands are determined with a research conducted by the Nielsen Company, in addition to the assessments by important names from the business world. AXA Sigorta was the only insurance company in this period’s listing. 


Stating that AXA Sigorta is a long-term player of Turkish insurance market with its history of 125 years; AXA Sigorta’s CEO Guillaume Lejeune said their biggest target was to support people so that they can live better lives: “That’s why we are working with a very good distribution network which is aware of the fact that a sustainable business model can only be achieved by making the customer your number-one priority. This means that they share the same vision with AXA Sigorta. Moreover, we know that digital transformation is of vital importance to enrich our products and services in accordance with this target. We are lucky to be able to reach our customers easily thanks to our product and channel diversity; and we can make sure that each of our customers has an excellent insurance experience from the moment the policy is sold to the moment when the payment is made. Being the only insurance company to be awarded by Superbrand encourages us even further to enhance insurance awareness in Turkey and strengthen our connection with our distribution channels and teams.”


Lejeune added that AXA was also named as the number one insurance brand worldwide for the ninth consecutive year by Interbrand, and that AXA Sigorta was the first insurance company to pop into the minds of customers with a rate of 48 percent.



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AXA Sigorta is the only insurance company listed among Turkey’s super brands
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