Insurance: profession of the future


Dr. E. Baturalp Pamukçu, General Manager of Türk Nippon Sigorta stated that insurance was a rapidly developing and growing market in Turkey. Underlining that momentum of growth and development was one of the most important reasons that made insurance an all-time favorite profession; he said: “Today, many occupational groups in the insurance market are regarded as the occupations of the future. Career opportunities in the insurance market are increasing rapidly, as the market provides employment for more than 70 thousand people presently.”


Pamukçu said that 28 percent of the employment force were company employees and direct sales staff according to 2016 year-end results of market employment; and that the remaining 72 percent was occupied by experts, brokers and technical staff working in agents.


Emphasizing that a qualified workforce was of vital importance in increasing Turkish insurance market’s power of competition; Pamukçu added: “As the system grows and expands, both the number of insurance companies and in parallel, the number of employees working in those companies, increase. Therefore, the number of expert people employed at insurance agents, brokers and expertise institutions grows in direct proportion to that increase.”


‘Qualified occupational training and compulsory internship are important’


Pointing out to the sufficiency of occupation training that employees of the insurance market should have, Pamukçu said: “Training of the employees are important as it helps them in adapting to their companies and jobs more quickly and supports them for their short/term achievements. Considering all these aspects, associate’s and undergraduate programs in the field of insurance should not be superficial.”


“In addition to having necessary know-how about insurance; the educational institutions should be establishing the necessary incentive systems to ensure that their graduates learn the practices thoroughly, such as compulsory internship programs,” Pamukçu said. He added that improving the quality of education and compulsory internship programs will make positive contributions to the employment process of insurance market in the long term.



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Insurance: profession of the future
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