TARSİM monitors losses using satellites


Turkish Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM) underlines that they focus on technological applications to increase the satisfaction of producers and stakeholders. The statement emphasizes that they make the best of all the opportunities in this field, and the Pool’s performance exceeds those of other similar systems around the world.


A statement made by TARSİM (Agricultural Insurance Pool) underlined that a brand new era began for agricultural insurance with satellite technologies and drones that have begun to be used for TARSİM’s vital functions of risk analysis and loss adjustment. They have announced that this new era has already yielded positive results. TARSİM stated that with the opening of the new production season in crop insurance, satellites and drones would be used much more effectively and frequently. The statement continued as follows: 


“In addition to being used during losses such as hail, fire, flood or landslide; daily satellite images are also being used for risk analysis and assessment processes with the additional support by meteorological data. As a result, we can reach all the images for specific dates; therefore can inquire and detect whether the losses fall within the scope of policy coverages, if they occur after or before the policies are issued, if the fire losses occur before or after harvesting etc. This minimizes our margin of error.


Moreover, we use drones to get images and process the relevant data following far-reaching losses with big impacts, or use them during risk analysis and assessment operations before risk acceptance. This helps us interpret the losses rapidly and practically. We believe that the results of these new applications will increasingly benefit the System and all our stakeholders, especially producers.”


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