Türkland Sigorta is acquaired by

Maher Holding


Maher Holding entered the insurance market two years ago with Quick Sigorta brand. The company has recently acquired Türkland Sigorta following the approvals by the Undersecretariat of Treasury. Mahmut Erdemoğlu, Chairman of Maher Holding, attended the acquisition and signature ceremony which was held at the head office of Türkland Sigorta; and they signed the final papers together with Omar Bilani, Chairman of Türkland Sigorta. Mahmut Erdemoğlu stated that incorporating the second insurance company in their business in only two years indicated the importance they attached to this sector, and that they were proceeding to become one of the major players in the market. He said: “Our insurance and technology investments began with Quick Sigorta, but they will continue. Investment is a necessity for a strong and growing Turkey; and we will continue our investments without interruption in light of this awareness.”

“Two companies will operate independently”

Levent Uluçeçen, CEO of Maher Holding, met with the new Board Members of Türkland Sigorta and informed them about the new investments planned for the coming years. Levent Uluçeçen stated that Maher Holding’s investments in the insurance market began with Quick Sigorta, and would continue without losing any pace. He added: “Quick Sigorta has become a huge success. Its digital attitude and management approach that was shaped around this attitude, as well as its highly efficient communication processes which I call “socio-digital” processes, have made a great contribution to the insurance market. Türkland Sigorta will enter the market with lots of changes and differences, which will be detailed later on. Two companies will be completely independent from each other. I am sure that Türkland Sigorta will show a successful performance, just like Quick Sigorta has so far achieved. On this occasion, I would like to express my love and respect for all the former managers of Türkland Sigorta who brought the company to these days as a healthy operation. They handed us a very clean company.”

Sertem Demir, who has been appointed as the new general manager of Türkland Sigorta, said they would rapidly complete the transition period: “We will have new colleagues who will  join the existing team. Our restructuring and planning works are about to be finalized in line with our targets. We will accelerate our activities as soon as possible, and start proceeding as another successful insurance company under the roof of Maher Holding.”



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Türkland Sigorta is acquaired by Maher Holding
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