Number of Allianz’s health insurance customers exceeds 1 million people


Running a marketing campaign with the motto of ‘Every policyholder is as special as our first policyholder’, Allianz Turkey has exceeded 1 million customers of health insurance. Aylin Somersan Coqui, CEO of Allianz Turkey said: “We are pushing the customer experience over the top in health insurance. According to the statistics for the end of August 2018, total number of health insurance policyholders stands at 3 million 969 thousand 114. Allianz Turkey has reached 1 million 4 thousand 871 customers in this line, with 581 thousand 940 retail customers and 422 thousand 931 group policyholders. The reason behind our market share of 30.8 percent and a customer satisfaction of 38.82 percent, is our strategy that does not stop at leadership, but constantly improves service quality every day.” Offering services for its customers through more than 4 thousand contracted medical institutions, Allianz Turkey manages its processes for private health and supplementary health insurance over a medical institution network of 6 different types which are grouped according their products.


Stating that Allianz Turkey goes beyond being a company that only finances the medical expenses of its customers and acts with the mission of supporting them in every aspect of their lives, Somersan Coqui said: “Especially considering the care requirements and medical expenses that increase as people get older, Allianz Turkey constantly reminds its customers to take necessary precautions before experiencing a health problem. We attach great importance to support our customers through preventive solutions and a wide range of products. In this respect, we are conducting a ‘Health Support Program’ with the aim of making a direct contribution to ‘Good Health and Well-Being’ goal, one of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.”


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Number of Allianz’s health insurance customers exceeds 1 million people
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