Serhat Süreyya Çetin resigns


Serhat Süreyya Çetin, who has been the General Manager and Board Member of Güneş Sigorta since 2011, resigned from his duties as of 26 November 2018.

Having been a part of Güneş Sigorta Family since 2006, Serhat Süreyya Çetin worked as the Assistant General Manager of Financial Affairs between 2006 and 2009, and Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing between 2009 and 2011. He was appointed as the General Manager and Board Member of Güneş Sigorta and worked in that position successfully since 2011. In parallel, he also served as a board member for TARSİM, Türk P&I Sigorta and Assurance Account.
Serhat Süreyya Çetin graduated from Ankara University, Department of Sociology; after which he studied Business Administration for his master’s degree at İstanbul Ticaret University. He also received a PhD degree from İstanbul Aydn University in Business Administration. He is fluent in English, and is married with two children.



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Serhat Süreyya Çetin resigns

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