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     Technology is growing at an unpredictable pace every day. From daily tasks to public
     processes, individual and corporate processes are becoming digitalized. Nowadays, almost

     everything, from accessing basic food resources to banking transactions, from shopping
     to communication processes, is conducted through online platforms. So, how is the rise in
     cyber risks in this situation? How can protection be provided against these risks?

     As the world becomes more digitalized, the frequency, intensi-  executives from 65 countries, one in four companies worldwide
     ty, and complexity of cyber incidents are increasing, along with  (27%) has experienced a data privacy breach in the past three
     reliance on technology. Security vulnerabilities and threats are  years that resulted in financial losses ranging from $1 million to
     proliferating due to the increase in the number of technological  $20 million.
     connections, creating growing and increasingly difficult-to-de-
     tect and control systemic risks.  According to PwC’s Global State  The 2022 Future Risks Report by the AXA Group, which revealed
     of  Information  Security  Survey,  which  involved  3,522  senior  long-term risk factors affecting the entire world, also highlighted
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