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      “We process minor damage payments within 72 hours”      their payments from the bank, informing them to perform the
                                                              necessary checks through e-Government.
      • We have launched a new initiative for lightly damaged resi-
      dences, which constitute approximately 80% of the claims we  The role of technology and speed in post-earthquake servic-
      receive.                                                es is undeniable. What is the extent of the power you add to
                                                              DASK in these areas?
      • For residences classified as lightly damaged by the Ministry
      of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, we provide  Our renewed technological infrastructure allows us to provide
      direct payment of 15% of the insurance amount to our citizens  trouble-free  and  perfect  service  with  the  performance  we  ex-
      without applying any deductibles.                       pect.  We  can  receive  uninterrupted  damage  notifications  via
                                                              Alo DASK 125, e-government and our website. As a result, we
      • For policyholders who submit their damage documentation to  can receive unlimited damage reports simultaneously and open
      us through our website and e-Government portal, compensation  96,000 damage files within 24 hours.
      payments are made within 72 hours. (Required documentation:
      Certificate of Damage Assessment indicating that the residence  As part of our Management Project, we have established a ro-
      has minor damage, updated title deed, and identification docu-  bust information technology infrastructure to enable faster and
      ment)                                                   more effective coverage of insured damages in the event of a
                                                              possible  earthquake.  We  have  also  created  a  human  resourc-
      "Collaboration with Banks”                              es and organizational structure that will effectively utilize this
                                                              information technology infrastructure. We conduct damage as-
      In this context, in collaboration with the Turkish Banks Asso-  sessments using the capabilities of technology through mobile
      ciation, in order to enable compensation payments taking into  devices, enabling rapid damage assessment processes in disas-
      account banks' mortgage claims, and to address the grievances  ter-stricken areas.
      of our citizens affected by earthquakes in the fastest and most
      effective manner, collective transactions have been established  In addition to all this, our Catastrophic Modeling product, CAT-
      instead of individual consent forms by DASK. As a result, dam-  MOD, developed within the Turkish Reinsurance framework, is
      ages up to 50,000 TL are directly paid to our policyholders.  the first of its kind in Turkey and the third in the world. CAT-
                                                              MOD, which allows modeling based on unique building invento-
      "New Service through e-Government”                      ries and local conditions in our country, enabled us

      Our policyholders can view their claim files and the status of  o to calculate the necessary coverage amount against potential
      compensation payments through our website and via  major earthquakes that may occur in our country.
      e-Government. In order for the compensation to be collected by
      the insured, the necessary password/code is sent to the mobile  o Following the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, we have cal-
      phone number listed on the policy. Therefore, the accuracy/ac-  culated the amount of damage compensation to be paid within
      tive status of the mobile phone information on the policy is of  48 hours.
      great importance. If the insured's mobile phone number on the
      policy is not correct, they will not be able to access the informa-  o In this way, we have carried out our cash flow planning.
      tion that their compensation has been paid.
                                                              As  an  institution,  we  are  working  with  all  our  strength  to  be
      To quickly resolve this issue, the following project has been de-  ready for all scenarios and we will continue our work.
      veloped in coordination with the Presidency's Digital Transfor-
      mation Office (DDO) and e-Government authorities. Within the  A Marmara earthquake is also expected. Is the reinsurance
      scope of the project:                                   capacity of DASK sufficient for the insured damage that
                                                              may occur here? Is DASK prepared for such a disaster?
      • In addition to the existing "DASK Damage Inquiry" step on
      e-Government, a new service called "Payment Inquiry and Pass-  As DASK, we always make our plans considering the possibility
      word Service" has been added. As a result, our policyholders can  of a major earthquake occurring in our country. DASK's equi-
      instantly view the password required to collect their compensa-  ty consists of earthquake funds accumulated from insured pre-
      tion through e-Government.                              miums  since  its  establishment.  As  of  today,  DASK's  payment
                                                              capacity is 117 billion TL. As an institution, our payment ca-
      • Our policyholders have been informed through a message sent  pacity is so significant because we have made our calculations
      to their e-Government accounts by e-Government. Additionally,  and modeling studies considering the potential major Marmara
      our policyholders have been informed via SMS by e-Government  earthquake. This payment capacity consists of a 23 billion TL
      to their registered/verified mobile phone numbers on e-Govern-  earthquake fund formed by premiums from our insured individ-
      ment.                                                   uals, while the remainder is provided by reinsurance protection.
                                                              The same amount can be used twice for two separate earth-
      • As part of our collaboration with all GSM operators, an SMS  quakes that may occur within one year.  The majority of our
      has been sent to all insured individuals who have not collected  reinsurance protection is provided by international reinsurance
                                                              companies rated "A" or higher by international rating agencies.
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