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     become the driving force of our industry, primarily in the na-  • We have relocated the Main Data Center to the Ankara region,
     tional market and subsequently in the global market, through its  where the earthquake risk is lower, while keeping the backup in
     competitive solutions.                                   Istanbul.

     One of the most special aspects of our activities is the collabora-  • Since taking over DASK, we have increased the fund size from
     tion with Yildiz Technical University (YTU) to provide qualified  the existing 10.5 billion TL to 23.5 billion TL in 2.5 years.
     and talented workforce to our industry through the Non-Thesis
     Master's Program in Business Administration. As part of this   • When we took over DASK, we increased our payment capacity
     collaboration between Turkish Reinsurance and YTU, we pro-  from 25 billion TL, including funds and reinsurance protection,
     vided  scholarships  to  30  students  to  support  their  education.   to 117 billion TL. This capacity can be utilized twice for two
     Additionally, we organized the participation of experienced pro-  separate earthquakes that may occur within one year, each time
     fessionals from our industry as guest lecturers, allowing students   with the same amount.
     to have practical exposure to the realities of the business world.
                                                              • As of November 25, 2022, we raised our maximum coverage
     Being a global reinsurance company is a goal you talk about   amount from 320,000 TL to 640,000 TL.
     often. What are the paths you have taken and what you have
     achieved in this field?
                                                              • By expanding the scope of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance
                                                              and transforming it into Compulsory Disaster Insurance, we will
     As Turkish Reinsurance, another goal that we attach great im-  complete our project in May.
     portance to, besides increasing our domestic reinsurance capac-
     ity and effectively managing the risks of our country, is to be-  Thanks to the steps we have taken so far, all our departments
     come a global reinsurance brand that "exports security". In the   and  our  financial  payment  capability,  we  have  completed  our
     globalized world of the 21st century, we always consider how
     domestic  and  international  markets  influence  each  other  and   preparations to fulfill our responsibilities, and we have swiftly
     how a natural disaster or technological advancement can have   started our post-earthquake operations.
     an impact on all actors without boundaries. We conduct all our
     activities with a holistic perspective. In this regard, we provide   o A group from our DASK Truck and damage assessment teams
     reinsurance capacity to 35 insurance and reinsurance companies   located at our Extraordinary Management Center in Ankara has
     located in 21 countries. We take pride in exporting security to   been deployed to the region.
     68  different  countries  across  five  continents.  Furthermore,  in
     response to the capacity needs arising from the market and in-  o Immediately after the earthquake, we initiated our operations
     dustry developments in 2022, we have strengthened our position   with our teams at the Extraordinary Management Center in An-
     in the international context by supporting both local and global   kara, with the participation of our Istanbul teams, and we con-
     markets in the treaty reinsurance renewals for 2023. Addition-  tinue our work.
     ally, our Technopark company T-RUPT, established with 100%
     Turkish Reinsurance ownership, aims to export the technologies  o In addition, based on the assessments made by other public
     it will develop by scaling its products in the reinsurance and cat-  institutions, we started the damage process and rapidly initiated
     astrophic modeling fields. I am delighted to share that T-RUPT  payments without even waiting for notifications from our poli-
     has started serving the Turkish insurance sector with its cata-  cyholders. Within less than 24 hours after the earthquake, we
     strophic modeling product, CATMOD.                       made our first damage payment.

     You have been the technical operator of DASK since 8 Au-  As of April 10, we have made a total of 18 billion TL in damage
     gust 2020. What kind of process did you manage after the  payments to our citizens.
     sad earthquake disaster in the past period?
                                                              Key initiatives:
     As Türk Reasürans, since 8 August 2020, when we took over the
     Technical Operator of TCIP, we have carried out and continue  "Advance payment as a first in DASK”
     to carry out many works that will create benefit and value for
     DASK.                                                    • To provide immediate support in helping our citizens recover
                                                              and ensure financial security from the outset until the completion
     •  On  November  22,  2022,  we  inaugurated  the  Extraordinary  of the damage assessment process, we initiated the practice of
     Management Center of DASK in Ankara.                     advance payments in DASK, a first in our industry, on February
                                                              27, 2023.
     •  To ensure the continuity of operations during earthquakes, we
     have upgraded DASK's technological infrastructure.       •  As  part  of  this  initiative,  for  collapsed  buildings,  buildings
                                                              that require urgent demolition, and heavily damaged buildings,
     •    We  have  enabled  the  notification  systems  to  achieve  a  re-  policyholders receive an advance payment equal to 20% of the
     sponse speed that meets the demands of the day. As a result, we  insurance  amount.  For  moderately  damaged  buildings,  an  ad-
     can receive unlimited damage reports simultaneously and open  vance payment of 10% of the insurance amount is provided to
     96,000 damage files within 24 hours.                     our policyholders.
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