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                           Quick Sigorta is Six Years Old!

                           On  May  12,  2017,  Quick  Sigorta  issued
                           its first policy, and today it celebrates its
                           sixth  anniversary!  Standing  out  with  its
                           groundbreaking  initiatives  since  its  inception,
                           Quick  Sigorta  celebrates  its  sixth  year  with
                           the  winds  of  “change,  transformation,  and

                           Quick  Sigorta,  with  its  network  consisting
                           of  4,200  agents  in  81  provinces,  102  Quick
                           Finans sales channels, 575 affiliated hospitals,
                           223 experts, 80 lawyers, and 2,407 affiliated
                           service  providers,  continues  to  be  the  ever-
                           growing  face  of  the  industry.  Last  year,
                           Quick  Sigorta  hinted  at  its  presence  in  the
                           financial sector with its Quick Finans and QPay
                           initiatives.  As  an  affiliate  of  Maher  Holding,  and the nourishment it derives from all channels
                           which declared 2023 as the year of “change,  of  creativity,  Quick  Sigorta  will  continue  to
                           transformation,  and  interaction”  and  with  its  lead the industry with its future breakthroughs.
                           financial market vision, Quick Sigorta made a  I  would  like  to  express  my  thanks  thousands
                           strong entry into its sixth year with its climate  of times to all our colleagues, intermediaries,
                           and  investments  in  the  insurance  and  finance  experts,  business  partners,  executives,  and
                           sectors. Furthermore, Quick Sigorta continues  employees who have believed in us, trusted us,
                           to expand its range of services with customized  supported us, and encouraged us throughout
                           products  such  as  Fatura  Koruma  Sigortası  these six years.”
                           (Invoice Protection Insurance), Eğitim Koruma
                           Sigortası  (Education  Protection  Insurance),  “Quick Sigorta is not just an insurance
                           Kira  Koruma  Sigortası  (Rental  Protection  company!”
                           Insurance),  and  Poliçe  Prim  Kredisi  (Policy
                           Premium Loan).                             Quick Sigorta’s CEO, Eyüp Özsoy, emphasizes
                                                                      that Quick Sigorta is more than just an insurance
                           “Quick Sigorta will continue to lead the  company,  stating,  “Our  company’s  vision
                           industry.”                                 embraces a perspective that brings together the
                                                                      insurance and finance sectors, while leveraging
                           Ahmet Yaşar, the Chairman of Maher Holding  all  the  benefits  of  digitalization  to  develop
                           Insurance Group, expressed that Quick Sigorta  innovative  purchasing  behaviors.  Since  its
                           maintains the same excitement it had on its first  inception,  Quick  Sigorta  has  stood  out  in  the
                           day and takes bold steps even in its sixth year  industry with its high energy and adaptability
                           with the following words: “Our journey, which  to  changing  conditions,  making  it  one  of  the
                           started with a small team, continues today  notable  names  in  the  sector.  This  brings  us
                           with hundreds of employees and thousands  success.  Despite  the  economic  fluctuations  in
                           of  business  partners.  We  have  left  behind  six  2022  and  ongoing,  we  have  reached  the  7th
                           years by fulfilling all our goals with confidence  position  in  terms  of  equity  size  in  the  sector.
                           and pushing our boundaries with a courageous  In terms of balance sheet profitability, we have
                           example. As Maher Holding Insurance Group,  achieved  the  2nd  position.  Our  market  share
                           our  dreams  are  very  big.  Quick  Sigorta  has  has reached 3.3. Regardless of the conditions,
                           been our flagship so far on the way to achieving  we continue to progress and innovate. With our
                           these  dreams.  Through  investments  in  future  new subsidiaries, investments, and products, we
                           technologies, support for sports and the arts,  will continue to grow in our new era.”
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