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         Türkiye Sigorta has Announced its Efforts and Financial Results in the Earthquake Zone

        Türkiye Sigorta, a company that draws  significant trust both domestically and  Benli emphasized that they are a company
        its strength from its name, has announced  internationally.            with the purpose of being present in all
        its ongoing efforts since day one to swiftly                           aspects of life and using their power
        heal  the  wounds  in  the  earthquake-  Benli  emphasized  that  Türkiye  Sigorta  for the greater good. He stated, “In the
        stricken  region,  which  witnessed  the  has  increased  constructive  competition  earthquake-stricken  region,  we  have
        disaster  of  the  century.  They  have  also  in  the  sector  and  stated,  “As  Türkiye  provided  material  and  cash  assistance
        shared their financial results and future  Sigorta,  we  have  a  great  ambition  and  to meet the needs. With our Tek Yürek
        vision for the first quarter of 2023.  aim  for  leadership  in  all  branches.  (One  Heart)  Building  and  Household
                                            Within the scope of our core strategy of  Insurance,  we  have  opened  homes  for
        As the leading company in the insurance  sustainable leadership, we continue to  affected  citizens  to  find  shelter.  While
        sector,  Türkiye  Sigorta  organized  a  maintain our sector leadership in the first  the construction of permanent housing
        press conference to share their financial  quarter  of  2023,  with  Türkiye  Sigorta  continues,  we  have  established  Türkiye
        analysis for the year 2022 and the first  achieving  12.2  billion  TL  and  Türkiye  Sigorta Village to address the immediate
        quarter of 2023, as well as their future  Hayat  Emeklilik  generating  2.7  billion  housing  needs.  We  have  stood  by  our
        vision  concerning  the  work  carried  out  TL in premiums. Furthermore, in April  citizens  through  the  healing  power  of
        in  the  earthquake  zone.  Atilla  Benli,  2023, we have a fund size of 104.1 billion  unity and solidarity, enabling them to
        the  CEO  of  Türkiye  Sigorta,  who  TL  in  the  individual  pension  system,  escape from the psychological effects of
        hosted the meeting, began his speech  continuing to experience the pride of  the disaster to some extent. During the
        by  acknowledging  the  pain  and  sorrow  being Turkey’s Sigorta (Insurance). We  month of Ramadan, we have set up iftar
        of starting the centennial year of the  will carry the momentum we achieved in  tables in 11 provinces to be alongside our
        Republic, which they embarked upon with  2022 into 2023 and continue to enhance  fellow citizens.”
        great ambitions, with the catastrophe  it, in a manner befitting the centennial
        that  deeply  affected  the  Turkish  people  year of our Republic. Additionally, 2023  Benli continued his statement as follows:
        on February 6th.                    will be a year in which we will solidify our  “We are not just an insurance company.
                                            goal of becoming an insurance company  We are the brand of Turkey; a social brand
        Benli said: “In our journey, which began  operating internationally.”   that empathizes with Turkey’s concerns
        three years ago with a major merger, we                                and  rejoices  in  its  happiness,  investing
        are proud to solidify our position as the  Atilla  Benli,  expressing  that  they  in the social, cultural, and economic
        leading company in the insurance industry  have  been  working  in  coordination  development  of  our  country.  We  are
        in our country. Türkiye Sigorta achieved  with  relief  organizations  and  relevant  Türkiye’s  Sigorta  (Insurance),  working
        significant growth in premium production  government agencies since the first day  with  the  understanding  of  utilizing  our
        in 2022 compared to the previous year,  of  the  earthquake,  which  affected  11  strength for the greater good and striving
        with a growth rate of 114.2% in non-life  provinces and approximately 14 million  to make a difference in every moment of
        insurance  and  74.8%  in  life  insurance.  citizens, stated, “We have set up damage  life. As we have done so far, in 2023, we
        Moreover,  there  was  an  84%  growth  notification tents and directed our mobile  will continue to provide the most suitable
        rate in the pension insurance branch.   damage and information centers to  insurance solutions for the needs of our
        Prior to the merger, Türkiye Sigorta and  the region to ensure that damages can  policyholders,  maximizing  benefits  for
        Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik increased their  be  quickly  assessed  and  processes  can  both  our  country  and  our  citizens.  We
        asset size by 237% during the period from  commence.  So  far,  we  have  received  will  continue  to  serve  the  strong  and
        2019  to  2022,  reaching  approximately  43,000 non-life damage notifications and  great  vision  of  Turkey’s  future  with
        140  billion  TL.  They  demonstrated  a  opened 5.7 billion TL worth of damage  utmost dedication through our direct and
        growth of 198% in premium production  claims.  In  the  life  insurance  sector,  we  indirect contributions to our country and
        and  a  262%  increase  in  fund  size,  have  received  6,158  file  notifications,  economy. In the year 2023, we will carry
        resulting in a net profit increase of 98%  with  a  total  damage  amount  of  403  out  our  activities  in  a  manner  befitting
        to 4.3 billion TL.”                 million TL.”                       the centennial year of our Republic.”

        Continuing  his  speech,  Atilla  Benli
        expressed his gratitude to all employees
        and  stakeholders  for  the  achieved
        success,  saying:  “With  the  insurance
        capacity created by the merger of six
        companies and the synergy it generated,
        we have emerged with this great strength,
        delivering more value to everyone from
        policyholders  to  investors,  despite  the
        adverse  events  that  have  affected  the
        world in recent years. We have enhanced
        our  asset  size  and  capital,  gaining
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