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                                           Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik has appointed a new Corporate
                                           Communications Manager

                                            Tuğba Öcal has been appointed as the  in  the  Marmara  Regional  Sales
                                            Corporate Communications Manager  Directorate. She continued working in
                                            at Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik.        the  Marketing  Department  within  the
                                                                               General Directorate in 2008.
                                            Tuğba  Öcal  is  the  new  Corporate
                                            Communications Manager of Anadolu  In  2017,  Öcal  was  promoted  to  the
                                            Hayat Emeklilik. Öcal, who graduated  position of  Deputy  Manager  in  the
                                            from  the  International  Relations  same department, and in 2021,
                                            Department  at  Gazi  University  in  she  transitioned  to  the  company’s
                                            2004,  has  served  in  various  sectors  corporate communications unit. Tuğba
                                            in  marketing,  promotion,  and  public  Öcal  started  her  role  as  “Corporate
                                            relations  roles.  In  March  2006,  Öcal  Communications Manager” on May 1,
                                            began  her  career  at  Anadolu  Hayat  2023.
                                            Emeklilik  as  an  Assistant  Specialist

         The Share Transfer in the Acquisition Process of Groupama Sigorta by AXA has been


         Following  the  receipt  of  necessary  approvals,  AXA  has  lines and reach a whole new
         completed the share transfer in the acquisition process of  dimension in our operations
         Groupama’s  100%  ownership  of  insurance  operations  in  in  Turkey.  We  believe  that
         Turkey, as announced earlier this year.              together,  we  will  achieve
                                                              great success in the coming
         AXA’s acquisition process involved the purchase of 100% of the  period.”
         shares of Groupama Investment Bosphorus Holding A.Ş., which
         holds  the  shares  of  Groupama  Sigorta  A.Ş.  and  Groupama  Yavuz Ölken, CEO of AXA
         Hayat A.Ş, was finalized yesterday. With this acquisition, AXA  Sigorta, made the following
         Sigorta, one of the leading companies in the Turkish insurance  evaluations  regarding  the
         sector, will further strengthen its presence in the market.  matter:  “We  have  been  a
                                                              company that has shaped
         As of the end of 2022, AXA Türkiye, with a growth rate of  the  insurance  industry  in
         124.5%, a premium production of 13.3 billion TL, a market  Turkey  with  our  strong
         share  of  6.5%,  and  a  fund  size  of  2.4  billion  TL,  is  one  of  financial structure, creative
         the  established  players  in  the  insurance  ecosystem.  It  serves  solutions,  and  data-driven
         its customers through more than 2,800 agents and over 800  business approach focused
         employees nationwide. With the acquisition, AXA Türkiye will  on  the  customer-agent-employee  equation.  Our  passion
         have  the  opportunity  to  collaborate  with  over  1,700  agents  has  always  been  appreciated  within  our  group.  Today,  the
         working for Groupama Sigorta A.Ş. and Groupama Hayat A.Ş.,  acquisition process of Groupama’s operations in Turkey marks
         and will also add more than 300 employees to its talent pool.  a move that demonstrates the trust of AXA Group in Turkey,
                                                              while also being a step that supports our 2023 strategy called
         Nuria  Fernandez,  the  General  Manager  of  AXA  Madrid  ‘Sustainable  Development  and  Growth’.  I  see  this  positive
         International  Hub,  commented  on  the  acquisition,  saying:  development as a reflection of the strength we derive from our
         “We  are  pleased  to  have  completed  the  acquisition  process  more than 130 years of rich history and our ability to effectively
         of  Groupama’s  insurance  operations  in  Turkey,  which  is  a  manage the opportunities in our country. With our new business
         strong reflection of our strategy to create scale in our technical  partners and team members who will walk this path together,
         business  lines.  By  integrating  new  distribution  channels  into  we will further strengthen ourselves and take a step forward
         our network, we will increase our market share in our business  from yesterday.”
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