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                MAPFRE Sigorta hosted its business partners at the Ankara General Service
                Vehicle Repair Center

                MAPFRE Sigorta met with its business partners at the  level.”
                Ankara General Service Vehicle Repair Center. During
                the  event,  attended  by  MAPFRE  Sigorta  executives,  Yıldırım Türe, Deputy General Manager of Sales and
                Erdinç  Yurtseven,  the  General  Manager  of  MAPFRE  Marketing  at  MAPFRE  Sigorta,  highlighted  in  his
                Sigorta,  emphasized  the  significant  role  of  business  speech that MAPFRE Sigorta is always by the side of
                partners  in  achieving  stable  progress  and  increasing  its business partners with its global structure, financial
                efficiency. He highlighted their commitment to working  strength,  and  transparent  management  approach.
                together to provide better products and services.  “MAPFRE Sigorta offers a rich range of products and
                                                                  services such as our General Services and Opportunity
                MAPFRE  Sigorta  hosted  its  business  partners  at  Motor Insurance, allowing policyholders to take control
                the  Ankara  General  Service  Vehicle  Repair  Center.  of  their  costs.  We  also  continue  to  provide  superior
                Throughout the event, which included Erdinç Yurtseven’s  service to our policyholders with services like mid-level
                opening speech, MAPFRE Sigorta Regional Managers  repairs  and  replacement  vehicles,”  stated  Türe.  He
                engaged in discussions with business partners regarding  further  emphasized  that  all  these  features  are  among
                the services they offer to policyholders and the current  the strongest aspects of MAPFRE Sigorta.
                state  of  the  insurance  industry.  The  event,  which  had
                a  significant  level  of  participation,  was  attended  by  Our customer satisfaction score is 94 percent
                MAPFRE Sigorta executives including Yıldırım Türe,
                Deputy  General  Manager  of  Sales  and  Marketing  at   Speaking at the event, Cem Yalın, the General Manager
                MAPFRE  Sigorta,  Emre  Bayram,  Deputy  General   of  General  Service  at  MAPFRE  Sigorta,  stated  that
                Manager of Individual Insurance Technical at MAPFRE   they have changed the service approach in Turkey with
                Sigorta, Zeynep Berna Tören, Deputy General Manager   their  General  Service  Vehicle  Repair  Centers,  aiming
                of  Operations  at  MAPFRE  Sigorta,  and  Cem  Yalın,   to achieve high customer satisfaction and providing the
                General  Manager  of  General  Service  at  MAPFRE   highest quality service. He said, “It is very valuable for
                Sigorta.                                          us to see the satisfaction of our policyholders with the
                                                                  services  provided  by  our  General  Service  Centers.  As
                Our business partners are also our fellow         of February 2023, the customer satisfaction score for
                travellers                                        General Services has reached 94 percent.” By offering
                                                                  a  fresh  perspective  on  service  approach  and  making
                In  his  opening  speech,  Erdinç  Yurtseven,  the  General  high-quality service accessible to everyone, our General
                Manager  of  MAPFRE  Sigorta,  emphasized  the  Services  have  become  a  means  to  ensure  continuous
                significant  role  of  our  business  partners  in  providing  customer satisfaction. Along with products and services
                better products and services in every situation. He stated,  such  as  Opportunity  Motor  Insurance,  which  provides
                “Through these meetings with our travel companions,  the opportunity to benefit from General Service Vehicle
                we strengthen the bond between us by sharing our  Repair  Centers  at  affordable  premiums  in  case  of
                perspectives on the industry and our company. We work  damage, we will continue to maintain the customer
                together to elevate our products and services to the next  satisfaction we have achieved.”
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