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Dear Readers,

        For  the  May  issue  of  Turkinsurance,  we  have  prepared  an  8 million 453 thousand people. During this period, the total
        issue full of news, articles, analyses and researches to shed  fund size of the BES was 369 billion 596 million TL, and the
        light on Turkish insurance and pension markets.      amount of funds received from participants included in the
                                                             system through automatic participation was 33 billion 486
        Technology is growing at an unpredictable pace every day.  million TL.
        From daily tasks to public processes, individual and corpo-
        rate processes are becoming digitalized. Nowadays, almost  In the first quarter of the year, a premium production of 5
        everything, from accessing basic food resources to banking  billion 401 million USD was realized in the insurance sector.
        transactions, from shopping to communication processes, is  During this period, the health branch stood out. While the
        conducted through online platforms. So, how is the rise in  health branch experienced the highest increase in premium
        cyber risks in this situation? How can protection be provided  production, the highest share was in liability insurances and
        against these risks?                                 health branches.

        At the end of the first quarter of 2023, the total number of  Hope to meet with the next issue
        participants in the Private Pension System was 8 million 33
        thousand people, while the number of participants included in  Your sincerely
        the system through automatic participation turned out to be
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