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        Second Retirement Opportunity for Early Retirement Eligibility (EYT) Individuals
        from Garanti BBVA Emeklilik

        Garanti  BBVA  Emeklilik  is  offering  a  special  campaign  for
        individuals  eligible  for  early  retirement  (EYT)  who  choose
        to invest their EYT savings in the Individual Pension System
        (BES).  Throughout  the  month  of  May,  EYT  individuals  who
        initiate a contract by investing a starting capital of 100,000
        TL in BES can earn gifts worth up to 4,000 TL. Retirees can
        also immediately benefit from a 30% government contribution
        for  the  amounts  they  contribute  to  the  system.  Furthermore,
        customers who have BES can enjoy various activities, ranging
        from yoga to fitness, mindfulness, and healthy eating, free of
        charge  through  the  Healthy  Living  platform  called  “Sağlıklı
        Yaşa”. They can also avail themselves of up to 37% discounts
        on Complementary Health Insurance.
                                                              for the amount they contribute. Furthermore, participants can
        Garanti BBVA Emeklilik’s CEO, Burak Ali Göçer, shared his
        assessment of the matter, stating, “At Garanti BBVA Emeklilik,   preserve  the  value  of  their  savings  and  earn  more  from  fund
        we support young individuals eligible for early retirement (EYT)   returns by investing their savings in various funds such as stocks,
        in initiating their second retirement rights. EYT retirees have   metaverse,  or  sustainability  within  the  Individual  Pension
        started  receiving  their  retirement  bonuses  and  pensions  as  of   System.  Thus,  their  savings  continue  to  grow  profitably  in  a
        April 9th. For EYT individuals who want to utilize their savings   secure investment vehicle. For customers who want to initiate
        in the most appropriate way, we offer new opportunities in the   their second retirement rights digitally, our campaigns that
        Individual Pension System (BES). EYT individuals who wish   offer additional benefits based on monthly payment amounts are
        to  invest  their  lump  sum  in  the  Individual  Pension  System   also ongoing. We recommend all EYT individuals to take a step
        can  benefit  from  our  gift  campaign  worth  up  to  4,000  TL.   today by enrolling in BES for their second retirement and invest
        Additionally, they can earn a government contribution of 30%   in their future.”

        Significant Changes in Aksigorta’s Organizational Structure

        At Aksigorta, significant organizational  charge of Corporate Sales has been  new corporate restructuring in line
        and  senior  management  changes  have  internally assigned to Mustafa Erdoğan.  with  changing  conditions  and  needs.
        taken place in line with the needs of the  Through an internal appointment,  Over the course of more than 60 years,
        new  era  and  the  company’s  strategic  Zeynep  Eröktem  has  become  Deputy  Aksigorta has fostered leaders and built
        objectives.                         General Manager in charge of Finance,  a corporate culture that prepares each
                                            and Kaan Konak has assumed the role of  employee as a leader of the future. One
        Under the leadership of General Manager  Deputy General Manager in charge of IT.  of the most significant indicators of
        Uğur Gülen, certain changes have been  Following  the  renewed  organizational  this is the inclusion of our colleagues
        made  to  the  organizational  structure.  structure,  Soner  Akkaya  has  been  who  have  joined  this  team  through
        Accordingly, Tolga Tezbaşaran has been  appointed as Deputy General Manager  the appointments made internally, in
        appointed as Deputy General Manager  in  charge  of  Claims  and  Legal  Affairs,  addition  to the  new  assignments  of
        in  charge  of  Individual  Technical  and Elif Horasan as Director in charge  our  current  team  members.  With  our
        and  Marketing,  and  Deniz  Ceylan  as  of Strategy.                   new  and strong management  team,  we
        Deputy General Manager in charge of                                     will continue to establish trust in the
        Corporate  Technical.  In  addition,  the  Continuing to build trust with the   insurance industry.”
        sales operation has been divided into two   renewed structuring
        parts as part of the new organizational
        structure.  With  this  change,  Osman   Aksigorta’s CEO, Uğur Gülen, stated in
        Akkoca  has  been  appointed  as  Deputy   regards  to  the  organizational  change,
        General Manager in charge of Individual   “At  Aksigorta,  we  are  undergoing  a
        Sales, while the position of Director in
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