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Dear Readers,

        For the March issue of Turkinsurance, we have prepared an  say that they are considering having it done. Home insurance
        issue full of news, articles, analyses and researches to shed  ownership is also quite low. 4 out of every ten houses have
        light on Turkish insurance and pension markets.      home insurance. 40% of individuals who do not have home
                                                             insurance are also considering having it done.
        On  February  6,  2023,  earthquakes  occurred  in  Kahraman-
        maraş, affecting ten provinces. The earthquakes, which affect-  According to the data of the Natural Disaster Insurance Agen-
        ed 13 million people and caused many deaths and injuries, also  cy (DASK), the number of compulsory earthquake insurance
        caused great regional destruction.                   policies reached 11.4 million units as of March 2023. Thus,
                                                             the insurance rate increased to 57.10%. Although the DASK
        It is a well-known fact that insurance awareness needs to be  insurance rate increases with each passing period, there is still
        higher, and the need for assurance is behind the needs of many  a long way to go here.
        people or does not exist at all. Unfortunately, we saw to what
        extent  this  situation  could  create  devastating  consequences  While the fund amount of the participants in the Private Pen-
        after the large earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, affecting ten  sion System was TL 205.5 million in 2021, according to the
        provinces in different dimensions.  On February 6, 2023, our  EGM data of January 2023, this ratio grew by 94.5 percent
        country experienced two earthquakes covering ten provinces  and reached TL 399.9 billion. At the end of 2022, stock funds
        with an interval of 8 hours. During earthquakes covering such  became the fund group that earned the most to its investors
        a vast region, 59% of individuals living in other areas have  with  a  yield  rate  of  185.62  percent,  while  precious  metals
        either a relative or a friend living in these regions.  28% of  funds became the fund with the highest occupancy rate of the
        these people lost a relative in these earthquakes. 31% also  year.
        have a friend or relative who has been injured. According to
        research published by IPSOS, although DASK is a mandatory  Hope to meet with the next issue
        insurance that everyone should have, 55% of individuals state
        that their homes do not have DASK. Only half of these people  Your sincerely
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