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        Senior Appointment at Turkey Sigorta

                                            Emeklilik  continue  to  strengthen  their  between  2003-2006.  In  2006-2007,
                                            senior  management  staff.  According  to  he  worked  as  the  Financial  Affairs
                                            the statement made by Türkiye Sigorta to  Strengthened Director at Garanti Sigorta
                                            the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP); it  and  participated  in  the  Company  Sales
                                            has been noted that Mehmet Ertan Özay,  Project Coordination.
                                            an  experienced  name  in  the  insurance
                                            industry, will start working as the Deputy  Özay  worked  as  Turkey  Financial
                                            General  Manager  of  Türkiye  Sigorta  Affairs and Collection Group Manager
                                            Financial  Management  and  Türkiye  and  Member  of  the  Executive  Board  at
                                            Hayat Emeklilik Finance, Actuarial, and  Groupama  between  2007  and  2013,  as
                                            Technical  Operations  after  the  approval  Turkey  Finance  Director  and  Executive
                                                                                      Member  at  BNP  Paribas  Cardif
                                            of SEDDK.                           Board
                                                                                in  2013-2014,  CFO,  Management,  and
                                            Mehmet    Ertan   Özay   graduated  Executive  Board  Member  at  Zurich
                                            from  Istanbul  Technical  University  Sigorta between 2014-2015. Özay, who
                                            Management  Engineering  in  1994  and  was  the  Turkey  CFO  and  Member  of
                                            completed his MBA in 1997 at the same  the Board of Directors at Willis Towers
        As  of  March  2023,  Türkiye  Sigorta   university.  Özay,  who  has  the  SMMM  Watson  between  2016-2018,  served  as
        Financial  Management  and  Türkiye   certificate, started his career as a  the CFO of the Central & Eastern Europe
        Hayat Emeklilik Finance, Actuarial, and   Financial  Controller  at  Bosch  Siemens  Region and Turkey between 2018-2020,
        Technical Operations Assistant General   (B/S/H) Turkey in 1997. After working  the CFO of the Central & Eastern Europe
        Manager are entrusted to Mehmet Ertan   in  the  Department  of  Budget-Control  Region  between  the  years  2020-2023,
        Özay, an experienced name in the industry.    and  Management  Accounting  at  Sasa-  the  Country  Leader  of  Turkey,  and  the
                                            Dupontsa between 2001-2003, he worked  Member of the Board of Directors in the
        Türkiye  Sigorta  and  Türkiye  Hayat   as Assistant Internal Audit Manager and  Central  &  Eastern  European  Regions
                                            Financial Affairs Manager at Aksigorta  outside Turkey.

        Pınar Kuriş, General Manager of Cigna, is on the list of ‘Turkey’s 50 Most
        Powerful Female CEOs’ for the 5  time

        Cigna  General  Manager  Pınar  Kuriş,  Life  Insurance,  and  Pensions,  generates
        one of the prominent insurance industry  a  turnover  of  2  billion  361  million  TL
        leaders with her support for gender  in 2022 while making a difference in the
        equality,  took  part  in  the  “50  Most  insurance sector with the employment of
        Powerful  Female  CEOs  of  Turkey”  women and the ratio of women managers.
        research  organized  by  the  Economist
        Magazine this year as well. Pınar Kuriş,  Pınar Kuriş said that as a female leader,
        one of the successful female leaders of the  it is a source of pride to be included in
        sector, succeeded in being included in the  the “Turkey’s 50 Most Powerful Female
        list determined according to the year-end  CEOs”  research,  which  is  one  of  the
        turnovers  of  the  companies  for  the  5   essential  indexes  that  aim  to  make  the
        time in a row.                      power  of  women  in  the  business  world
                                            visible  and  said:  “Gender  equality  is  of
        The “Turkey’s 50 Most Powerful Women  great  importance  to  achieve  the  desired
        CEOs”  research  has  been  carried  out  level of welfare and to ensure economic
        by  the  Economist  Magazine  for  more  and  social  sustainability.  With  this
        than ten years to support and highlight  awareness, we, as Cigna, continue to
        successful female leaders in the business  make a difference in the insurance sector
        world.  Cigna  General  Manager  Pınar  with  our  high  female  employment  and
        Kuriş,  who  took  part  in  the  research  female manager rates. Today, the number
        carried out according to the 2022  of  female  employees  is  454,  making  up
        turnovers of the companies, continues to  67% of the total number of employees,   empower  as  many  women  as  we  can  in
        inspire women leaders by being included  while  the  rate  of  female  employees  in   society and all our female employees to
        in the list for the 5  time in a row. Cigna,  managerial positions is 51%, increasing   increase these rates in the sector and the
        which  operates  in  the  fields  of  Health,  yearly. We will continue to support and   entire business world.” .
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