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         Doğa Sigorta: “We delivered our aid trucks to the cities affected by the earthquake”

         Doğa Sigorta transferred its assistance  durable food products to AFAD centers
         to the region after the sad earthquake  in  our  earthquake-affected  regions.
         disaster that shook our country deeply.  We  distributed  the  materials  in  an
         Providing  information  on  the  subject,  organized manner.
         the company said:
                                            Together  with  our  group  affiliates,
         “We are in sorrow after the great  Istanbul Topkapı University, and Doğa
         earthquake disaster that shook our  Hospital,  we  deliver  our  aid  with  all
         country.  We  wish  God’s  mercy  on  our  strength  to  heal  the  wounds  of
         our  citizens  who  lost  their  lives,  our  our earthquake victims and to support
         condolences  to  their  relatives  and  our  country  through  this  challenging
         our  nation,  a  speedy  recovery  to  our  process. We provide quick solutions by
         wounded, and our gratitude to our  prioritizing  the  damage  notifications
         citizens who saved lives.          and transactions of our regional
                                            agencies and customers.
         In this challenging process, we
         delivered  our  aid  trucks  loaded  with  To overcome these difficult days,
         blankets, clothes, heaters, hygienic  We stand by our people with all our
         materials, baby diapers, baby food, and  strength.

         Fundación MAPFRE Launches Global Aid Campaign for Disaster Victims in Turkey

         Fundación  MAPFRE  continues  to  carry  out  its  support  heated container houses
         activities with great care for the disaster victims affected  to the areas directed by
         by  the  earthquake  in  Turkey.  In  this  context,  Fundación  the official authorities
         MAPFRE, which allocates a support budget to meet basic  for the shelter needs of
         needs, also launched a global micro-donation campaign for  our  citizens  who  lost
         the earthquake disaster.                            their homes considering
                                                             the long-term effects of
         Fundación MAPFRE, which carries out social responsibility  the disaster.
         projects in cooperation with MAPFRE Sigorta in Turkey,
         launched a global donation campaign to meet the needs of the  In addition to all these, Fundación MAPFRE, which started
         disaster victims in the region after the earthquake disaster  a  micro-donation  campaign  to  raise  funds  for  disaster
         in Turkey that affected the surrounding provinces, especially  victims, will make the same amount of donation for each
         Kahramanmaraş.  In  this  context,  Fundación  MAPFRE,  donation.
         which  has  completed  the  delivery  of  various  numbers  of
         blankets and sleeping bags to contribute to meeting the basic  MAPFRE and Fundación MAPFRE Chairman of the Board,
         needs in the most affected regions of Turkey, will provide  Antonio  Huertas,  who  conveyed  messages  of  support  and
                                                             solidarity to hundreds of thousands of people affected by the
                                                             earthquakes in Turkey, stated that no matter how much aid
                                                             is given, it is insufficient. Calling for community awareness,
                                                             Huertas said, “We are very sensitive to these extraordinary
                                                             situations  and  have  a  long  experience  in  meeting  all  the
                                                             needs of people when they are most vulnerable. As Fundación
                                                             MAPFRE, we will continue to stand by Turkey by providing
                                                             all the support we can.”

                                                             Those who want to donate can help at www.fundacionmapfre.
                                                             org or directly at the link below:

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