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         Hesapkurdu answered the questions about insurance transactions after the

                                                          page created on the official website of the Ministry of
                                                          Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change.

                                                          Although the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Institution
                                                          (DASK) policy includes fifteen working days for claim
                                                          notification, it has been noted that the institution
                                                          evaluates the relevant article in favor of the insured, and
                                                          there is no time limit for making a claim notification. In
                                                          addition, it was pointed out that if the policy were lost
                                                          in the earthquake, the insured’s right to compensation
                                                          would not be lost. Policyholders could apply via the Alo
                                                          DASK 125 line after the process started.
                                                          The maximum deposit amount is 640 thousand
         While  Turkey is  trying to  heal the  wounds of  the
         earthquakes that took place on Monday, 6 February, and   While  it  was  stated  in  the  information  shared  on  the
         affected 11 provinces, the details regarding the AFAD   website  of  Hesapkurdu  that  AFAD  provided  cash  aid
         Disaster Victims Entitlement application process, which   and  damage  assessment  support,  guidance  was  given
         will  start  after  the  damage  assessment  studies,  have   to  the  rights  of  the  disaster  victims  within  the  scope
         also begun to emerge.                            of Law No. 7269. While it is known that earthquake
                                                          victims  can  report  DASK  damage  through  the  Alo
         As the third week has passed in the earthquake disaster,   DASK 125 phone line, e-Government System Damage
         which  has  victimized  many  beneficiaries,  the  details   Notice page, and DASK official website, Online Damage
         regarding the application process for AFAD Disaster   Transactions Page, it was reminded that as of January
         Rights  Ownership  have  started  to  emerge.  Within   1,  2023,  the  maximum  coverage  amount  of  DASK
         the  scope  of  the  compulsory  earthquake  insurance,   compulsory earthquake insurance for all building types
         the  damage  notification  period,  the  support  and   is 640 thousand TL. In the statement, it was stated that
         opportunities  to  be  provided  to  the  disaster  victims,   the content of the DASK policy pays the insurance fee
         and the information on how the insurance transactions   for full and partial damages, the condition of complete
         will  be  carried  out  are  summarized  in  the  statement   demolition of the building is not required to benefit from
         published  by  Hesapkurdu,  which  offers  its  users  the   DASK, and the payments will be made within one month
         opportunity to compare banking and insurance products.   at the latest after the compensation amount is finalized
         In the information shared with the note “We wish to   after the application and the documents are completed.
         heal our wounds together and as soon as possible,” the
         questions regarding the application for entitlement were   Insurance holders can reach the call centers
                                                          It  was  emphasized  in  the  information  compiled  by
         Application for entitlement will also be made    Hesapkurdu, which provides a platform where banking
         via e-Government                                 and insurance products such as loans, credit cards,

                                                          deposits, and insurance can be compared, that disaster
         The proper ownership application process has yet to start   victims  who  have  insurance  other  than  compulsory
         in the region where the damage assessment studies are   earthquake insurance can also reach call centers of the
         continuing.  The  information  compiled  by  Hesapkurdu   companies from which they purchased the insurance. It
         states that the transactions will be carried out on the   was stated that disaster survivors with different insurance
         application screen to be opened in the e-Government for   products, such as housing and property insurance,
         AFAD  Disaster  Victim  Entitlement  once  the  damage   automobile insurance, personal accident insurance, and
         assessment  studies  are  completed.  It  was  also  stated   health insurance, can benefit from the rights determined
         that information on the damage status of the buildings   under the policy after checking whether their insurance
         could  be  accessed  from  the  “Damage  Determination”   policy includes earthquake coverage.
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