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                   Uğur Gülen has become the new president of TSB
                   (Turkish Insurance Association)

                                                                   SEDDK  (Insurance  and  Private  Pension  Regulatory
                                                                   and  Supervisory  Authority)  President  Mehmet  Akif
                                                                   Eroğlu,  in  his  speech  at  the  Extraordinary  General
                                                                   Assembly of TSB, emphasized that the insurance and
                                                                   private pension sectors have grown in parallel with the
                                                                   growth of the Turkish economy. He mentioned that the
                                                                   positive momentum in balance sheets would continue in
                                                                   the coming periods and that they would move forward
                                                                   in compliance with regulations and market discipline,
                                                                   without  compromising  on-site  inspections.  Eroğlu
                                                                   also mentioned the Compulsory Disaster Insurance
                                                                   (Zorunlu  Afet  Sigortası),  which  is  included  in  the
                                                                   Medium-Term Program. He emphasized that the new
                                                                   system would provide protection for policyholders
                                                                   against  increased  risks.  Additionally,  SEDDK
                                                                   President  Eroğlu  stated  that  they  are  meticulously
                   The  Extraordinary  General  Assembly  of  the  Turkish  working  on  the  Complementary  Retirement  System
                   Insurance  Association  (TSB)  was  held  with  the  (Tamamlayıcı  Emeklilik  Sistemi)  and  emphasized
                   participation  of  industry  stakeholders  and  member  that the system has the potential to be as successful as
                   companies.  As  a  result  of  the  election,  Uğur  Gülen  the Private Pension System (BES).
                   became the new President of TSB.
                                                                   Following the opening speeches, the presidential
                   On September 14, 2023, Uğur Gülen was elected as  candidates  Adnan  Süphanoğlu,  Murat  Büyükçelebi,
                   the  President  of  the  Turkish  Insurance  Association  and  Uğur  Gülen  addressed  the  participants.    In  the
                   (TSB)  during  the  Extraordinary  General  Assembly.  subsequent vote, 66 out of 74 delegates participated.
                   Gülen,  who  is  also  the  CEO  of  Aksigorta,  was  With a valid vote count of 63, Uğur Gülen received
                   previously serving as the Vice President of the TSB  55 votes, Murat Büyükçelebi received 6, and Adnan
                   Board of Directors. Uğur Gülen will continue to hold  Süphanoğlu received 2 votes.
                   the position of TSB President until the TSB General
                   Assembly in April 2024.                         Uğur  Gülen,  the  new  President  of  TSB,  made  the
                                                                   following statements in his speech after the election:
                   The opening speech at the Extraordinary General
                   Assembly  was  delivered  by  Mehmet  Akif  Eroğlu,  “Our industry, consisting of intermediaries, domestic
                   the President of the Insurance and Private Pension  and foreign reinsurers, claims adjusters, lawyers,
                   Regulatory and Supervisory Authority (SEDDK). The  loss adjusters, regulatory authorities, customers,
                   previous President, Atilla Benli, was presented with a  and domestic and foreign partners, forms the central
                   plaque by Vice President Taylan Türkölmez during the  pillar and the core of a massive ecosystem. Therefore,
                   assembly.                                       ensuring the sustainability of our industry and
                                                                   allowing it to receive the value and share it deserves
                   After Atilla Benli bid farewell to the TSB Presidency  from this ecosystem in return for its contributions
                   on August 3rd, the position was temporarily assumed  is  of  vital  importance.  TSB’s  purpose  is,  in  fact,  to
                   by Taylan Türkölmez, one of the Vice Presidents of  secure exactly that. Therefore, as an organization, we
                   TSB. In his farewell speech, Benli emphasized the  will conduct intensive work to redefine the insurance
                   challenging last few years. Benli, addressing insurance  industry. It is now time to put our plans and aspirations
                   company  executives,  said  the  following:  “For  the  into action. We will start implementing our initiatives
                   past four years, we have managed our companies in  in the shortest possible time, together with our Union’s
                   an  unprecedented  period  marked  by  the  pandemic,  organs, and most importantly, we will hold elections to
                   floods, fires, and the earthquake of the century. We  complete our Board of Directors. I thank you all for
                   have proven our competence during these challenging  your trust. I’m grateful for your presence, and I hope
                   times. I sincerely wish success to our new President  that we will have more opportunities to work together
                   and Board of Directors, in whom I wholeheartedly  in the future.”
                   believe  will  take  our  industry  even  further  in  the
                   future.”  Atilla  Benli  expressed  his  gratitude  to  the  At the Extraordinary General Assembly of TSB, after
                   Board of Directors and insurance company executives,  Uğur  Gülen,  an  election  was  held  to  fill  the  vacant
                   stating that they were able to demonstrate a solution-  position on the TSB Non-Life Executive Committee.
                   oriented management approach at TSB.            The new member of the committee is Neslihan
                                                                   Necipoğlu, the CEO of Neova Sigorta.
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